Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Red Wings vs Avalanche


The Aesthetics
When these teams get together, it's usually the greatest playoff hockey you could hope for. But when comparing their logos head-to-head, there's really no question in my mind as to who takes the cake.

The Nickname
Red-Winged birds have no fearing falling snow as they can simply fly over an Avalanche. Not too close, though.
Red Wings

The Analysis
I would be remiss if I didn't at least mention the longevity of the Red Wings logo. I'd also get an earful from ultra-traditionalists who fear change with regard to the Original Six like the very plague if I suggested an upgrade of any kind for it. But let me just remind you all of the new Boston Bruins logo. No limbs were lost when that was unveiled. So open your minds a little... and accept the fact that one day the Avalanche logo will be looked upon as a sports logo classic in the same way — except better because as of right now, it doesn't need an upgrade. Any changes would only hurt it. You see where I'm going now?




Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? The Avalanche over the Red Wings? I thought it was bad when you had the Buffaslug logo over the Bruins but this takes the cake.

Chris said...

I love cake! No, wait, what gets cake? Not me? I'm confused. But please come back and vote in a couple weeks when you and everyone can prove just how wrong I am about these things.