Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Penguins vs Senators


The Aesthetics
Both of these teams seem to like a little gold with their black but it's the Senators who add in the red to make the logo stand out a bit more. The Penguins logo just feels so flat. And there's the penguin wearing the hockey gear.

The Nickname
Since Senators make the laws, it seems to me that they have the upper hand on the Penguins as they could choose to protect them or not.

The Analysis
The better features of these two logos have recently been pointed out to me by readers. The golden triangle has significance to Pittsburgh. Also the gold circle in the Senators logo makes an "O" for Ottawa while you could say the red galea creates a "C" to symbolize Canada. If that's the case, it means the Maple Leafs and Oilers are the only Canadian teams not to work in a "C" of some sort. But I digress. The point is, the Penguins logo comes off like a '60s cartoon to me (go ahead, take your shots now). I'll go with the centurion.




j. peezy said...

Great site, but your constant bashing of the Pens logo is ridiculous.

The Senators logo is hideous compared to the Pens logo.

Chris said...

I know, I know. I'm full of crap. This is why I want everyone to vote starting in a couple weeks. But I need to at least finish this part of the tournament so you guys will have to put up with my nonsense for just another few days. It's almost over.

Thing is, though, I actually like the Pens logo. It's just this ridiculous tournament. Somebody help me. I've gone completely insane.

Oh and thanks for reading and your kind words about the site.

J. Peezy said...

No problem. This is a great blog.

Dennis said...

When I think bland and flat I think of the Sens, not the Pens. But I'm a Pittsburgh homer so maybe thats just it.

Love the site...keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

you bash the penguins logo so often, I'm starting to think you're a capitals fan.

but then you prove you have no knowledge about anything when it comes to a majority of the logos, so you're merely some bandwagon hockey "fan."

Chris said...

Ouch. That was harsh (as you hide your identity so as to avoid having to account for yourself). Unlike you, though, I will. My tournament is complete bullshit! It's just for fun! I'm making up random crap as I go along that couldn't possibly offend anyone so canning the personal affronts wouldn't be completely out of line.

Your suggestion that I could possibly be a "bandwagon fan" only adds insult to injury. And I know that to respond to such denigration only brings me down to a level at which I don't belong, but for the sake of the respectful people reading this, I've been watching and following hockey since I was 8 years old. I love hockey! And I'm a huge Tampa Bay Lightning fan. Capitals suck.

But I guess proof is proof and you seem to have all you need. Please come back and vote for your Penguins when I launch the interactive part of this site on August 12. Until then, I'd appreciate it if you could refrain from attacking my opinions as I don't attack yours.

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Dude, admit it. You hate Pittsburgh and the Penguins.

You're nuts. The Penguins logo is classic.

Chris said...

I'll admit I'm nuts but not that I hate the Pittsburgh Penguins. I'm mostly indifferent toward them. I hate the Flyers and Panthers. Lots of Lightning killers.

Anyway, the '70s and '80s Penguins logo was a classic. Today's logo is a reimagining of that with a replacement color. And not a bad color either.

Come on, you've been reading this stuff. You know this "tournament" is a complete sham, so why are you busting my balls about it? Come back and vote in a week and a half and we'll see how many people are with you.

Until then, there are two teams, and I gotta pick one or the other. I'm sorry your team has been on the losing end on more occasions than not. Anyway, my money says they sweep a match before the tournament's over.

Thanks for reading!

alan said...

Pens fans, we have to stop bashing Chris. Unfortunately, 33% of the score comes from the predatory nature of the team name, and since the only evolutionary advantage that real Penguins have is blubber, that puts us at a real disadvantage.

I love the Pens logo, but I do think it does need some updating. Maybe some new gloves and a more 3D look. But that's it.