Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kings vs Blues


The Aesthetics
Some logos just don't look very good next to each other. These two look very good. It's kind of a wonder they seem to be bathed in mediocrity in this competition (or not based on my bad judgment). One thing that always gets me is the two-tone blues of the Blues logo. That's unique and very cool in combination with the yellow trim. I hope they don't lose that anytime soon. Unfortunately for the Kings, all I keep seeing right now are all the little circles. There must be like a dozen of them on that crown.

The Nickname
All right, you can already tell this one is going to be a stretch. Do you suppose a King would simply be able to hire a person to play music for him, be it Blues or anything else?

The Analysis
I like the subtle hockey sticks at the top of the crown and the suns on either side of it in the Kings logo. But I also like the Blues logo as it has been recently pointed out to me that the logo is a 64th note and the city of St. Louis was founded in 1764. So what it comes down to is which one works better. Frankly, I think the Blues logo looks more like a wing than a 64th note but it was a good effort. Kings, please.




Anonymous said...

you are an idiot the blues logo is one of the best in all of sports. the logo is oldschool which is what makes a hockey jersey. you cannot have five different colors on a jersey let alone a logo. the fact that you actually think the kings "street hockey" uniform and logo is better than the blues just shows what you know about the history of the game. u jack-ass

Chris said...

What's with all the hostility, brother? I don't remember claiming to be a hockey historian or anything. And while I may well be an idiot, I'm pretty sure "jack-ass" isn't hyphenated.

Real quick, if I can bother you for a response, how does knowing or not knowing the history of the game have anything to do with my personal opinions and preferences with regard to logos?

Apologies for wanting to have a little fun on my own web site. I should have checked first to make sure it would please you. What was I thinking? Yes, and thank you for respecting my opinion.

I urge you to come back to the site on August 12 and join other readers in voting for the NHL's best logo, as I am clearlly not an expert on the subject. I mean, clearly.

Have a brilliant day!