Friday, September 7, 2007

Pens' 250 Patch Is Only Right

Quick note for anyone interested in this aspect of the new Pittsburgh Penguins Rbk EDGE jerseys. I came across some definitive proof that the new "Pittsburgh 250" shoulder patch is only worn on the right shoulder.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has posted a video from the unveiling event on its Empty Netters blog. Frankly, I'm surprised we didn't see it sooner. Following the ceremony, the video shows players being interviewed by the press. The cameras are on the left side of the players, clearly showing that there is no patch on that shoulder.

I'm almost positive that this is of absolutely no consequence or interest to anyone aside from Pens fans, but so be it. Have another look.

So to anyone who was still wondering, you can now put the thought from your mind. Right shoulder only. Now get ready for next week when the whole rest of the NHL unveils their uniforms. We're going to see 26 different new jerseys in the span of about a week. It'll be busy times.

UPDATE (8:03 PM): By the way, I'm not sure I've ever actually stated the significance of the "Pittsburgh 250" patch. And a few of you have indicated you weren't sure of it. The patch commemorates the 250th anniversary of the city of Pittsburgh, which was founded November 25, 1758. This is odd because the 2007-08 season will be over by the time that anniversary actually comes around.

If you ask me — and nobody is — I think they should've waited until the 2008-09 season to wear the patch and get the league to schedule them a game on that night... perhaps against Philly? Any takers? In any case, that's what it's there for, for better or for worse.

It is bland though. Isn't it?


Chris said...

Why the Penguins have unveiled this patch for this season (which will end before the 250th anniversary of Pittsburgh's founding) is beyond me.

Atownjacket said...

where did they get 250?!!!
what does this number mean?

Chris said...

If you read my comment, you'd understand.

Mike said...

Though, THIS year is the city's 250th, Next November will mark the conclusion of the 250 years. So it still makes sense.

Sabres Persuasion said...

I honestly don't care about the patch on the jersey. THere, problem solved lol.

mathteacher33 said...

Why the Penguins are celebrating Pittsburgh's 250th anniversary when this season marks the franchise's 40th anniversary is beyond me. I would much rather see a 1967 - 2007 patch of some sort. It only seems logical to me.

R Cale said...

Wont it mark the beginning of 250 yrs? If the city was found in Nov 25 of 1758, then add 249yrs and 364 days should give you Nov 24 2007. Agreed?
I still miss the ugly black and gold jerseys from the cup years. I blame the change in jerseys for the reason the pens didnt go three in a row.