Friday, September 7, 2007

Shooting Stars... With Cell Phones

I was recently emailed a handful of cell phone photos (that we all just love so dearly) that alleged show Dallas Stars players on an ice rink during a video shoot wearing their new Rbk EDGE jerseys. I'm going to post those pictures and leave it up to you guys to make heads or tails of them. I will say this much: They bear a strong resemblance to the junior team jerseys we saw last week.

Here's some of what was told to me in the email.

... he and a friend snapped these at the star center in Frisco a few days back. They were apparently filming something about the new jerseys.

And if you can see in that blur- thats Krys Barch wearing Bill Guerin's old #13!

we cant seem to make out who the star in the dark uni is- but that short girl is Selena Rae.
And it appears to be Andy Moog out there too.

Just thought id pass this info on! Thanks!

Something for Stars fans to gobble up. That's all I really have as far as news goes. However, remember the neat concept design I posted last week? (Last one on that post.)

The designer tweaked it a little and sent it to me again. And it only got better. Check it.

All but for the yellow, which needs to be more gold like in the current uniforms, you can count me as a fan for this idea.

Anyway, one week from today, the Dallas Stars will supposedly unveil their new uniforms. It's all speculation until then.


Bear Horn said...

If these are indeed the new uniforms, I will shoot myself...

Artymous said...

Looks legit enough... it certainly goes with everything we've been hearing, and all the talk about how the jr. stars or whatever tend to stay close to what Dallas is wearing.

Having said that.. wow. And people thought Tampa Bay looked like practice jerseys. lol.

Lucas said...

I'm tempted to believe they are official, but I don't know yet. I think the white jersey looks pretty bad, actually.

Uncle Shmool said...

would work better with different color combos. i do agree that it worked when they were the north stars, but i cant tell if i was just an impressionist 7 year old at the time falling in love with hockey. i look back at it with nostalgic eyes. indifferent to color combo.

ChrisGoalie39 said...

What's the Star Centre?

Zach said...

The Star center is the Dr. Pepper Star Center where they practice and have their executive offices.

I am disappointed if those are the jerseys.

Colin said...

Why are they putting the city name on the home jersey and the team name on the road jersey? Is this telegraphing a future change to whites at home?