Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Result: Avalanche vs Wild


52% 8,078 votes


48% 7,441 votes

15,519 total votes

Colorado Avalanche
Advancing to Quarterfinals to face Blackhawks or Oilers

Minnesota Wild

Poll opening date
Aug 27 @ 4:22 AM
Poll closing date
Sep 3 @ 11:59 PM



????????????????????? said...

WTH, how the hell did a A with a white line going down it with a puck beat such a unique,one of a kind and superior logo.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

today's kids are screwed up.

Anonymous said...

simple, more people voted for the better logo of the two and that was the avalanche. the avalanche still managed to bury the wild.

Anonymous said...


Yorick said...

Sometimes too much is too much, the Wild logo is just that. Why didn't they try to squeeze in an image for the Mall of America while they were at it? Everything else is covered.

Yorick said...

That said, I do like the new Wild jersey vs the older one!

Anonymous said...

This was a close vote right to the bitter end, just as these two quality logos deserved. It's just a shame this was a quarterfinal because these two could easily have been the western conference finalists. Maybe they need to institute a losers bracket to compensate for big early matchups:D

Anonymous said...

"They were all in love with dyin'
They were drinking from a fountain
That was pouring like an avalanche
Coming down the mountain.."

how sweet it is as the AVS move on.

eddie said...

i just wonder how many people actually see the bear face in the wild logo? its frustrating to read posts of people bitching about how it has too much...but none of them seem to notice that the scenery is just the build up of the bear face which is the true logo

its truely a shame that one of the most well thought out logos in the nhl just lost to a snowy A...

Anonymous said...

Bollocks! It's a SHAM!

In instances such as this, the ToL is proving that most NHL fans have crap-taste.

Anonymous said...

how could the wild loose their logo is way better than a snowy A that shows nhl fans have crappy taste