Friday, August 3, 2007

Panthers vs Canadiens


The Aesthetics
That panther makes for one fierce logo. Unfortunately for the Panthers, though, simplicity is going to win the day for the Canadiens logo. There's a profound quality to it that's hard to describe which likely stems from the fact that it's only been around since the beginning of time itself. No, I'm not usually one to bend to the irritating whim of tradition, but what can I say? I'm helpless against the force today.

The Nickname
On the other hand, a hungry Panther would totally eat a Canadien for breakfast.

The Analysis
The Panthers logo speaks for itself, but not necessarily Florida or Miami. Whatever. The Canadiens logo speaks French to me, although there's been some debate about the meaning of the "H" here among the readers at the NHLToL. And when I say "debate," I of course mean me being a smartass. Now once and for all, may I state my opinion here before ultimately giving this point to the Habs. I understand that back in the day (1917 to be precise, right?), the "H" stood for hockey as the team was called Le Club de Hockey Canadien or something to that effect. However, my (ignorant?) stance is that in today's world where the team is more commonly known as the Habs, why can't the logo evolve to take on new meanings? I'm actually asking if anyone has a good reason why that makes absolutely no sense. Because I'm sure that's the case.




Sephiroth said...

Well, it happens that canadians that live in the woods are all carrying heavy weaponry.

Here in Canada we easily came in front of a bear 2-3 times a day.

So I have to disagree with your comment about a Panther killing a Canadian. Almost impossible. Maybe a 2 years old little girl, but nothing older than that.

Mooses and polar bears are common, so a Panther would be rather cold very fast in front of a normal canadian.

Canadians are also wearing a lot of shells and a big knife, for killing bees big like a car.

So anyway, I thinks you completely messed up that point.

Chris said...

I'm sure I did. I'm just making this up as I go along, you know. And there's always another way of looking at things. Unfortunately, it would be a headache for me to go back and change it, but I appreciate your comments.

Be sure to come back and make your picks when I open the tournament up for voting on August 12. I trust your judgment better than mine, believe me. Thanks for reading my drivel!

Whale4ever said...

The "Florida panther", a subspecies of the cougar, is in fact native to southern Florida, particularly the Everglades, and has been considered an endangered species for quite some time, so the connection to the hockey club's region is certainly legitimate. Check it out on Wikipedia. The BankAtlantic Center is on the cusp of the Everglades National Park. So, for clarification purposes, the nickname "Panthers" was not a random marketing act. Great site...really enjoying it!

Artymous said...

A recent news story that is eerily apropos to this post:

A Canadian man fought off a cougar that was attacking a young boy in B.C. last week. That's right, fought it off. With his BARE HANDS.

Pretty crazy, and invalidates your whole existence. (I'm kidding hehehe).

Artymous said...

Oh, for verification, the Cougar in B.C., Canada is of the same type of species as the Florida Panther, which is a sub-species but extremely closely related, the Florida Panther being smaller I think

Chris said...

Whoa. That is creepy. Thanks for that link, artymous. Scary stuff. Glad to see the kid is doing all right.