Friday, July 27, 2007

Possible New Flames Uniform?

While perusing a Calgary Flames fan message board, I caught a glimpse of what could be the Flames' new Rbk EDGE jersey. I apologize in advance for the crummy quality of the image below.

The story is that a friend of the person who posted it supposedly works in the arena and got a chance to see one of the mock-ups for the Flames. He snapped it quickly with his cell phone and here we are. If it does turn out to be real, I'd have to say the design elements on the sleeves are an interesting choice.

But as of now, we don't really know anything official from Calgary. So take this for what it's worth. What do you think of it?

UPDATE (1:31 PM): A helpful reader just pointed me to this image to the left. It's certainly not as scary as the black one, but I'm not wild about the vertical black stripes up the side. Other than that, it seems to be in keeping with the current Calgary uniforms.

But wait, there's more!

UPDATE (5:18 PM): As a follow-up to one reader's comment regarding the Quad City Flames jerseys. I knew I'd seen them earlier and I just found them again so I figured I'd post them so we're all on the same page with regard to that.

Forgive the crappy image quality but they appear to be photos taken covertly probably with a cell phone or the like. If the Calgary Flames jerseys end up looking like this, I don't think anyone will be able to complain. They look pretty sharp.

For what it's worth, I really don't think the black looks very good with a white flaming "C." The red jerseys look a lot better with the black "C."

UPDATE (6:51 PM): This just in: It was a Flames fake-out! In one of the best Photoshop examples I've seen to date, it turns out the red Flames jersey I posted in the 1:31 update is not a photo of an actual jersey at all! A message board post — to which you can find a link below in the comments — all but proves that this jersey was made using a photo of the blue Rangers jersey unveiled yesterday as a template — only flipped over. It's a good example of what the artistically inclined among us can do with our spare time. Color me impressed.

As a reader also pointed out, though, this jersey appears to be based on the Quad City Flames jersey I posted photos of earlier this evening, so it may not be out of the realm of possibility that something like this graces the Saddledome ice come the fall. It's all a game of wait and see. I'll let you know when anything becomes official. In the meantime, thanks for reading.

And hopefully that will be the last update to this post. It has gotten very long.


Anthony said...

I seriously hope that isn't their new jersey. That has to be one of the ugliest jerseys I've ever seen. lol

Anonymous said...

I've seen this photo too but I havent seen anyone post it.

Chris said...

I'm almost tempted to agree with you, Anthony, but I'm curious what it would actually look like on a player. It is a little scary, though.

To anonymous: Thank you for the link! I'm going to add it to the post right now.

Anonymous said...

I would think that the Quad Cities jerseys that were leaked earlier this year would more closely resemble what the Flames would wear. (Quad Cities is the new location of their AHL affiliate.) Those jerseys look similar to their current ones. The difference is that the bottom v-shaped stripe has been changed to more vertical side stripes with piping along the bottom of the jersey.

I can't find the link but I think I first saw them on a Red Wings forum.

Chris said...

I know the jerseys you're talking about actually. Just saw them the other day. If I can find them again, I'll definitely post them. Thanks for commenting!

k.d. said...

The black one has to be a fake. The NHL shield on the collar is the size of my fist.

Anonymous said...

is it just me or does every jeseys weve seen so far (pens rangers these) where there laid out flat dont they look really thin like the material idk to me they just seem really thin

Chris said...

I have yet to actually touch an Rbk EDGE jersey, but from what I've heard the fabric is supposed to be much lighter, and therefore thinner. Was that what you meant? It's supposed to be really strong, though.

calpucker said...

The first one is fake and ugly.

The second one looks real, and pretty nice actually. I would have to see it on the players.

Anonymous said...

According to a post about 3/4 of the way down, the jersey is photoshopped using the new Rangers jersey as the template. If you look closely, that is in fact the case - photoshopped from a mirror image at least.

However, whoever did this probably used the color pattern from the Quad Cities photo as his guide, so the actual jersey may not be too far off from this example.

Chris said...

Aw, you beat me to it! I had just downloaded that image and was about to post it. I'll get it done now. Thanks for commenting!

GO FLAMES GO said...

Hello from Calgary Puck!!! That's the message board you are refering to right? You can say the name, dude!

Chris said...

Thank you, yes! I'm horrible about remembering these things. That's my problem. I look at so many different boards in such a short span of time I tend to forget where I found what. I appreciate your comment and the shameless self-promotion.

Nice catch, by the way, on that whole Rangers jersey thing. I thought something about that thing seemed familiar. You guys are on the ball! (Or puck, as it were.)

Anonymous said...

Found new canucks jersey!