Friday, August 3, 2007

Kings vs Blue Jackets


The Aesthetics
Both of these logos have lots of pointy edges. I don't know why that matters. Anyway, I like the color schemes in each logo and despite the fact that neither one has existed for very long, I see the Blue Jackets logo becoming a classic... you know, one day when the team actually makes the playoffs and that sort of thing. The Kings have struggled to find an identity when it comes to logos and I feel like this is just another in a long line.
Blue Jackets

The Nickname
An army is usually at the King's command. But in fact, it was the ancestors of the Blue Jackets who overthrew the King almost a hundred years before. So it's in their blood.
Blue Jackets

The Analysis
I know it isn't vital for a logo to incorporate the home city, but it's always a nice touch. You've got suns on either side of the crown in the Kings logo and the Ohio flag wrapping around a silver star for the Blue Jackets. I'm also a fan of subtlety in logos and the Kings are guilty. Check out those hockey sticks on top of the crown. If they were blatant, I'd be hesitant, but since they aren't, they'll help the Kings logo avoid the sweep. One more match left for each logo in this tournament.



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