Friday, August 3, 2007

Oh, Canada!

I just posted Maple Leafs news with a tidbit about the Oilers' unveiling date. But wait! I have three more Canadian teams to work in today. Let's start out with the Montreal Canadiens because I haven't really had anything to post for them.

This is allegedly a photo of the Habs' new Rbk EDGE road jersey. But so much about it jumps out at me indicating that its not the real deal. First off, it's ugly as fuck (pardon that, please). Apologies to the person who designed it, but the stripage — yeesh! Anyway, the color at the cuff is off and the whole thing just feels very... fake, to me. Anybody else getting that feeling?

Next, we have another alleged photo of a Calgary Flames home jersey.

Don't we love how all these photos look so crystal clear? I get that many cell phone cameras are substandard, but are we to assume that everyone who has sneaky access to the new uniforms can't afford better than a $20 phone? And, exit soap box.

It's an interesting design and one that feels like something we've seen before. Anyway, if anyone can cull anything from that secondary logo, let us know. Can we find it on the shoulder of some minor league team someplace? Or are the Flames actually getting a new one as the horse with the flaming nostrils meets his maker?

Finally, I wanted to leave you with something to laugh at. It is in fact a Photoshop job, just as the upper right corner of the image informs us. The designer was just adapting a photo to the potentially leaked images we saw the other day if for no other reason than to supply us with a better visual.

So what are your thoughts everybody? The only other Canadian team I didn't cover today is the Ottawa Senators but we took care of them on Wednesday.


Micky said...

Im a Hab fan and if that used those jerseys there would be a riot in Montreal guarenteed. Extremly ugly and Extremly fake.

To the Flames jerseys- Also ugly and im guessing fake.

To the canucks jersey- im sure there using that logo because of an NHL 08 pic, they have all the new logos and jerseys but arent aloud to show them before the teams do. And they put that logo on the side of Loungo's mask with there old jerseys.

Anonymous said...

dosnt the habs jersey kinda look like an altered version of the rangers uni or sumthing kinda like what someone did with the flames jersey idk to me i does either way i think its fake

Anonymous said...

Personally i think it would be a disgrace if the Habs would wear these jerseys, they are god awful, the flames jerseys are probably fake also.


Thumper said...

I'm a Habs fan and would hate to see the Habs in anything but their current designs. The white shirts have to have red shoulders, just have to. Please everyone take inspiration from the bruins designs.

Anonymous said...

If people in Montreal would riot because of a jersey they must be a bunch of really pissed off people. Regardless, the jersey is still very ugly.

foot182 said...

The habs one is ugly, the sens one is ugly, the canucks one is fake.... that's all I have.