Sunday, October 7, 2007

Result: Ducks Logo History


68% 2,313 votes

3,417 total votes

32% 1,104 votes

Poll opening date
Sep 29 @ 10:40 AM
Poll closing date
Oct 6 @ 11:59 PM



Dukes said...

the new logo lost because its barely a logo and just merely the Team's name

Q said...

yeah, the logo that lost just sucks...but, the duck hockey mask is the best possible logo for the team with such a's agressive... it reflects what hockey is about... I think they should bring it back in future...

one more thing... the idea of bringing in whole new logo just to dissociate one's self from the former owner is ridiculous...

awildermode said...

i agree with q.

Disney is Anaheim. If not for Disney, there would have never been an expansion for Anaheim. Who else could fork up the money to put together a team and build a first class arena overnight?

Who cares if they were named after a "Disney movie"? It is a good movie, even is Emilio cannot skate if his life depended on it.