Monday, September 10, 2007

Result: Red Wings vs Canucks


55% 13,311 votes


45% 10,946 votes

24,257 total votes

Vancouver Canucks
Advancing to face St. Louis Blues

Detroit Red Wings

Poll opening date
Sep 2 @ 7:45 AM
Poll closing date
Sep 9 @ 11:59 PM



zk said...

wow. and i'm a hawks fan but... wow.

Jeff said...

Finally.... stupidity is ending a little bit.

Here's one of those "Classic" logos failing to beat a brand new one. This is great news, because this competition is supposed to be about whose logo is BETTER... NOT more "classic", whatever the hell that means. Classic = Old, in my opinion. Religious Theocracy is a "classic" design, but I definitely prefer Representative Democracy. Bloodletting is a "classic" medical procedure, but I prefer antibiotics. Strip Mining for coal is classic, but I prefer geothermal power.

The Canadien's logo is fine to me, because it's actually a great logo. However the Flyers' logo is not, and neither are the Rangers' or the Blues'. Classic though they may be, other logos are better. In terms of quality, if not in age.

Vote smart, you homers.

Matthew said...

Wow. I think I just lost all faith in hockey. The best logo (yes Jeff, the best; 'classic' comes with the package) in all of professional sports loses out to a logo that sells out its region's native people so unashamedly the Blackhawks look like the Blue Jackets in comparison? You should all be ashamed.

Jeff said...

Fair enough. At least you're not saying "classic" is a free ticket to awesometown.

Tyler said...

To Matthew - the Canucks logo was designed with influence from the Haida community - in other words, their input and ideas were used. Not sure how that's a sell out. Seems like a good representation of the west coast.

As for the Wings logo, thank god it lost. Terrible.

Sabres Persuasion said...

What's the complaining about people thinking the Rangers are one of the best because they are classic? They lost in the first round to Ottawa, anyways. Lol

Michael said...

There's classic and there's good and the Red Wings logo is both. Sadly, the Canucks is neither. I'm not a Wings fan but it's just a fantastic logo. I'm not saying that it should've won the tournament even, but it certainly should've beaten one of the worst logos in hockey.

The Red Wings logo honors the city that the team plays in - with the wheel obviously symbolizing Detroit's automotive legacy, it includes a wing, and it looks fast and fantastic on a jersey - although I've always thought the jerseys a little dull.

As for the Canucks, it's a logo derived from the ownership group - Orca Bay. Sure, it features the letter C and some ice and...and...and a whale. If they were the Whalers, okay, but the Canucks? Sorry, I don't get it.

Brian said...

I can't believe people prefer a whale emerging from a 'C' over the Winged Wheel. So much for taste.

Eric said...

This is not a case of a modern logo beating a classic one. This is a case of people confusing "best logo" with "favorite team". Subjectivity surrenders.

Chase said...

no, it's a case of canadians all voting for canadian teams. look at the number of votes in the polls with a canadian team in them compared to a team with only american teams. it's typically about an 8,000 vote difference.

Anonymous said...

well obviously its going to be an all-canadian final.

Matthew said...

Tyler - At the very, very, VERY least, they actually got the regional native culture right (although 'Haida' is inaccurate. I don't recall what natives occupy/occupied the lower mainland, but the Haida were waaay up in the Queen Charlotte Islands - not exactly local). Your Olympic committee seems to have confused 'Vancouver' with 'Iqaluit' logo-wise. Maybe the huge VANCOUVER wordmark really is necessary after all.

Anonymous said...

Tyler - How can you call the wings logo terrible? What a great representation of the great city of Detroit.