Monday, September 10, 2007

Leafs Insiders Learn Of Jersey Unveiling

Thought I'd point this out. Apparently, subscribers to the Leafs Insider received an email recently outlining information relating to the new Rbk EDGE uniforms being unveiled by the Toronto Maple Leafs. See the email below.

To sum up, the Leafs will be unveiling their new sweaters before a relatively small crowd (the email calls it an "exclusive" launch event) on Wednesday, September 12 at the Air Canada Centre.

I'll be keeping an eye out. And as you've come to expect, as soon as I can post photos I will.


Sephiroth said...

Buy now one of these jerseys and get free shipping...mouhahaha.

Buy now something you have no clue about!

Buy now a jersey maybe ugly, maybe great, you don't know!

Buy now something you're not sure to love!

But you"l have free shipping!

Patrick said...

i dont think its a good sign if they are trying to get people to buy the jersey before they've seen it yet. are they worried no one will buy it once it rears its hideous head?

James said...

Obviously not Patrick. They're probably gonna be like the Carolina jerseys.

-Josh- said...

Hey Chris!,

i dunno if pictures are available but i was just watching Sprortnet News and they were showing clips of the leafs scrimmaging, and they were wearing new socks! These ones vertically striped on the front and back. I dunno if these are just practice socks or a preview of what we are gunna get as leaf fans.
have you heard anything about that?

Jonathan said...

Looks like it's blue anyways, so that's a weight off my mind ...