Friday, August 10, 2007

Sharks vs Canucks


The Aesthetics
Water-based creatures bearing teeth are prominently featured in these two logos. And they're both breaking things. The shark is breaking a hockey stick and the whale is breaking through ice. But as far as the overall look, I have to go with the Canucks. It's always been one of my favorites. As for the Sharks logo, while the recent change was an upgrade, they could've done better.

The Nickname
Canucks are people and by and large, people are not impervious to Sharks. In fact, sometimes they lose limbs to big fish.

The Analysis
Even though there isn't a "Canuck" in this logo, per se, I'm willing to give them a pass on that this time around. I love the Haida-style art and you can't say an orca in ice has nothing to do with Vancouver (which I may or may not have previously said). So here's why they're still getting beat by the Sharks. Call me slow, but I just found the "SJ" hidden in the Sharks' new logo and it's awesome! If you want to find it, check out the black in the fins. Look hard. You have to really want it. It's the last day of the tournament, so it's the final match for each logo.




Anonymous said...

I really can't find the SJ on the logo
which fin should i be looking at?

Anonymous said...

ah, now i cant sleep! where in the world is the sj?

Micky said...

Found it, never noticed before nice catch. Anyways gotta go in the middle of a baseball tourney (not literally its not like a am doing this between innings, but u get it). Look in the black, he wasnt joking you got to really want it. Cya 3 games tomorrow and Champ (hopfully) on Sunday

Micky said...

BTW the little things of green in the black form the letters if that helps...

Anonymous said...

HINT : Look from far distant , imagine....BIG ... SJ

Anonymous said...

is it like really obvious or more obscure, cause I cant see it!

Chris said...

Hey guys. If you're still looking for the "SJ," I've made it a little easier. Click here! Enjoy!