Friday, August 10, 2007

Islanders vs Maple Leafs


The Aesthetics
A real battle of the titans here on the final day of the tournament. More text-filled logos in this match. Unfortunately, the Islanders logo commits the other sin of incorporating and blatant hockey stick and puck combo. I'm not impressed. This one will go to the Maple Leafs logo.
Maple Leafs

The Nickname
A Maple Leaf logo is thin and flimsy. An Islander could easily crush one under his fishing boots.

The Analysis
To put it plainly, I believe a logo should serve as a symbol for a team therefore making redundant the use of the team name in said logo. I get tradition and all that and quite frankly can't see either of these logos being drastically changed. The Islanders tried that once and fans revolted. Still, I have to pick a winner. I'm going with the Maple Leafs because the leaf logo is iconic. There is no need for all the text. Shame it'll only be their second win in my tournament. Time for you guys to decide which logo is best. Come back on Sunday and start making your voices heard!
Maple Leafs




Anonymous said...

How dare you rate the Maple Leaf ahead of the Islanders logo.

All credibility lost. Sheesh!

Chris said...

Which part of "I never had any 'credibility' to begin with" did you misunderstand? Sorry I can't please everybody, but voting has begun so my opinion no longer matters (as it should be!).

Thanks for reading!