Friday, August 10, 2007

Lightning vs Rangers


The Aesthetics
Well the text abounds here on the final day of the qualifying tournament. Since both logos use it in excess, we'll just have to look past the text. And call me biased (and I may well be), but I think the Lightning logo is a little more dynamic (though perhaps not as old as the Rangers'). At least there's more to it than just a shield. Maybe one day they'll take my advice and go full on with the Lady Liberty logo.

The Nickname
Rangers work way up high in those elevated ranger stations where they are very prone to strikes of Lightning. Or something like that.

The Analysis
Since its the last day of the tournament, we'll make this easy. The Rangers logo has the staying power of like a hundred years or something. The Lightning logo has needed an upgrade for the last 10 years. Finally, it's going to get it, though. Maybe then I'd be more apt to give it this point. Still, they sneak by with the win and finish the tournament even.



1 comment:

Micky said...

Your are biased, but not in this matchup up, rangers logo is boring. Im biased to tho and still sour that the lightning beat the Habs earlier in the tourney