Monday, August 6, 2007

Penguins vs Hurricanes


The Aesthetics
Can you believe it? The last day of the tournament is Friday! I wish I could be of more help Penguins fans, but we're talking about the Hurricanes here. The puck is the eye of the storm. Doesn't that just say it all? The scowling penguin has a hockey stick. And gloves. And he's wearing skates! What did you guys call that '90s logo? A pigeon? I thought it was a good logo but what do I know anyway?

The Nickname
I don't know that Penguins get a lot of Hurricanes in their natural habitats, but I'm pretty sure they'd be blown away (literally) if they did.

The Analysis
I understand the Penguins logo and its significance to Pittsburgh. But I can't seem to get beyond the hockey gear on the little bird. I'm sorry. And it's not like I don't like the logo. Every time I see it all I can think of is Mario Lemieux. But sadly, that's not enough. The Hurricanes logo kicks ass, carrying on the tradition of the old Hartford Whalers.




Andy said...

Your mention of the Hartford Whalers gave me an idea - maybe as a sideline you could have a best logo of all time poll... I'm sure the old Whale Tail would figure pretty well in that... unlike the Islanders Fishsticks logo!

Bring back the Whale!

Anonymous said...

I've never been able to take the Carolina logo seriously since I saw it Photoshopped in the bowl of a toilet.

*refrains from inserting comments about team/natural disaster managing to both suck and blow here*

Well, thank goodness we got rid of the scarf on the Penguin!...;)

Anonymous said...

What does a penguin have to do with

Anonymous said...

Aside from alliteration and the fact that Pittsburgh's located in "Pen"nsylvania, it's more like "What do penguins have to do with ice?"

Obviously, they score goals on it.