Monday, August 6, 2007

Bruins vs Canadiens


The Aesthetics
Ah, old time hockey at its finest. I think the Canadiens could stand a logo upgrade in the vein of the Bruins. Not that there's anything wrong with how it is right now, I'm just in the mood of modernizing logos. It's looked exactly the same for almost 60 years. Anyway, forget that. Don't change it. I like it just the way it is. But the Bruins get this point for being cooler.

The Nickname
I would say that a Bruin could eat a Canadien like it was nothing, but I've recently been informed that a number of Canadians are rather rugged folk so I'll have to put my money on them taking out the bear with their rifles and stuff.

The Analysis
I like the symbolism in both logos that alludes to the history and home cities of each club. More than that though, I still keep thinking I'd rather see an actual bear in the logo as opposed to the traditional spoked "B." This isn't to say the "B" has no place on the uniform. Place is on the shoulder. But take the new secondary logo and use it. But the spoked "B" is such a classic. What would the NHL be like without it? It's really a tough call. Anyway, there's no confusion with the Habs' logo. It is and always will be a classic. And that's all there is for the Canadiens in the qualifying round.



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