Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Flames vs Blackhawks


The Aesthetics
Both of these teams wrap up their schedule today. Let's see how they fair. You probably already know who I like better for this category. And if you don't, it's the Flames. What's going on in the Blackhawks logo? Do they have a defined color scheme? Is there a way to find it in the logo? No? Meanwhile, the flaming "C" is cool, especially in black.

The Nickname
Humans have never been able to really control fire, not even Chief Blackhawk himself. A few Flames get out of control here and there and suddenly the entire state of California is under a wildfire watch.

The Analysis
Many have argued that I'm insane because I don't agree with "many other sports fans" who consider the Blackhawks logo to be one of the best ever. Thing is, I'm insane for so many reasons, and that's not any of them. It's a good solid logo as far as that goes. But as for what makes it one of the best in all of sports, I am at a loss. It looks to me like a well-drawn Indian head that was scribbled on at one point — and then left that way. But, as I've said before, who am I to say? You guys will get to decide once and for all. Voting starts on August 12. Mark your calendars! In the interim, it's a season finale sweep for the Flames.




Sephiroth said...

I agree that the chicaco logo is outdated. But I think my comment here is important.

On a computer, a logo is not showing the bright and almost glassy feel of the textile. On my screen, the Chicago logo is kind of ugly. But on my chest, the colors are beautiful. I think it's a major thing that this excellent blog don't reveal.

Sephiroth said...

...but I agree that the Flames logo in black kick so mutch ass.

Anonymous said...

...have you ever worn or seen an authentic Blackhawks jersey??? The embroidered logo with all the embroidered feathers and tomahawk-ed C's on the shoulders is probably the most creative and sharpest jersey in the league.

Your whole argument makes no sense...the Hawks' jersey colors aren't in the logo? actually they are, red white and black are all in there. The name comparison thing makes no sense either, you start off with Chief Blackhawk then wander down to a California wildfire and the Flames win...

I'm not saying the Flames have a bad jersey, it's actually one of the best in the West. and I understand you're a homer for the Flames, but in that case you shouldn't have compared the Flames to a jersey like the Blackhawks, you should have compared it to the Stars, then it really would have been a 3-0 sweep.

Chris said...

You know, I don't actually attempt to form a real argument when I write this drivel. It's really more or less indiscriminant silliness just for the sake of it. I know I can't please everybody all the time, so I've decided not to bother trying. To try and make sense of what I've written will cause you nothing more than a headache and in the end, wasted time. So therefore I recommend not bothering.

As far as choosing logos, my only favorite team is the Tampa Bay Lightning. But I try not to let that get in the way when deciding which logo is better than the other. Also, remember that it's nonsense.

I would address my distaste for the Blackhawks logo, but I can't imagine it would get us anywhere. We'll have to agree to disagree on that score, I'm afraid. Still, as always, I appreciate the feedback and I hope you come back on Sunday when the voting begins so you can help see to it that the Blackhawks make their mark on the competition.

Thanks for the comments!