Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sabres vs Rangers


The Aesthetics
The battle of New York we've all been waiting for is finally here. Before the ultra-traditionalists come for me, I should preface this with a disclaimer: I try not to let nostalgia and tradition get in the way of determining what a good logo is. That being said, I think the Lady Liberty logo from the third jersey could kick everybody's asses. This one cannot.

The Nickname
You don't suppose a Ranger might carry a Sabre, do you? Not if he was a park ranger, I guess. Then he would probably be armed with a rifle with a range better than four feet.

The Analysis
I know, this is a problem for the Rangers. What is a Ranger? Are they so unsure they don't bother to put a logo on the front of the jersey? Or is that laziness. I've lamented the fact that a buffalo is serving as a logo for a team called the Sabres, but at the very least, there's a very subtle sword on the back of that buffalo. And we'll call it a day for them. The Sabres finish even.



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