Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hurricanes vs Bruins


The Aesthetics
I've always thought the puck in the eye of the storm was a clever feature of this logo. But I just don't know if it necessarily stands up to the Bruins logo. It's a piece of hockey history that despite what some of you may have come to believe, I don't hate. I think the recent changes/updates brought about make a world of difference to it. Kudos the Bruins for refreshing an NHL icon.

The Nickname
Hurricanes bring hell on nature. Even a Bruin wouldn't be able to escape its wrath.

The Analysis
We're right down to it now. One point apiece makes this the deciding factor. It's also the last match of the tournament for each of these logos. Time to analyze. The hub reference of the spoked "B" is excellent. But so is the hurricane, which has proved its greatness in the last 13 matches — at least my opinion (call it what you will). Under normal circumstances, I might've taken this point from the Bruins for lack of a bear in the logo. But I'm feeling generous today and the simple fact is, it says Boston. The same can't be said for the 'Canes logo.




Kenneth said...

so, end of the season for the B's huh? they're behind the habs, is there any way we could make it into the playoffs?

Chris said...

That's the great thing, everybody makes it to the playoffs. You'll see when I post the bracket this weekend. Every team will have a chance at the championship. All you gotta do is vote for them. Thanks for reading!