Thursday, July 26, 2007

Stars vs Wild


The Aesthetics
These two logos seem to share a few colors. It makes the red in the Wild logo really stand out. But as far as who takes the point in this category, I think you already know who I'm going to pick. I really do think there are was of improving the Stars logo if you remove all the lettering from it. I like the star itself, though I admit it would look a little bare on its own. I've heard tale of a new Stars logo to be unveiled this summer. So we'll wait and see what happens.

The Nickname
What seems to keep working for the Stars is the fact that one is a giant ball of fire that you couldn't possibly imagine up close. Even the Wild would be consumed by its ferocity.

The Analysis
Now this one is harder for me, because it could almost go either way. The big "lone star" has Texas written all over it (I say that despite Dallas actually being written right there). The Wild logo continues to amaze me with all of its ingeniously combined elements. I wanted to give the Stars logo this point, but I can't in good conscience take it away from a logo this good. It's even got the "north star" as a tribute to Minnesota's hockey history. It was a close one, though.




slinger said...

Haha, the current Minnesota team defeats the past Minnesota team. My personal favorite match up you've done so far [I am from Minnesota].

Lone Star....I believe they lucked into that when the team moved to Dallas that you can make the connection. In fact, not many franchises that move and carry the logo from state to state can make any connection with their new home. This is a rare occurance.

For those of you North Star fans who remember....Norm Green still sucks!

Chris said...

This is true, but I wonder if there was a plan all along being that the North Stars adopted what would become Dallas' logo in the team's final year up north. Certainly the "N" logo would've clashed with the whole Texas thing. But even if it wasn't planned, it sure was lucky.

Thanks for the comment!

Paul said...

I have always had a real dislike for the Dallas Stars writing the city name atop their primary logo. If there was any lettering to be included in the logo, just "STARS" would've been fine as it was when the team was finishing up in Minnesota and at least for the first season in Dallas. The shoulder logo in the outline of the state of Texas would serve its purpose it where the team is now. As for which logo wins this matchup, the Wild take it hands down.