Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lightning vs Canadiens


The Aesthetics
Man, I'm starting to get too predictable. If it's got words, count it out. But wait! Do I have a surprise for you! You see, the Canadiens logo is all letters — a "C" and an "H" — while the Lightning logo may have the team name, it actually has a graphic symbol of a lightning bolt. Try to resist the temptation of calling me biased. My team's logo sucks and is performing as such in this tournament.

The Nickname
Imagine being a Canadien walking down the street only to then be struck by Lightning. That would hurt.

The Analysis
I've been getting conflicting reports from visitors to the blog over whether the "H" in the Canadiens logo stands for "hockey" or "Habs" — as in Les Habitants. Unfortunately for me, neither visitor has identified himself as a sports or hockey historian leaving me with no real answers. (One even asked to get my facts straight at Wikipedia of all places.) Regardless, I think the "H" is cool. I think it's cool that it could stand for either one of those things — or both. There's nothing that cool about the Lightning logo. No sweep.




Sephiroth said...

Mmm, I don't want to interfer in that, but I disagree about the final verdict.

The Canadiens logo was created a long time ago, and this incarnation is used since 1967. It is one on the most memorable and time tested logo of all time. It's signifiant, efficient, easy to remember, and means mutch.

The quality of this logo is also evident. Compared to the lightning, the Habs seems more complex, and more simple at the time. The arrangment in the color scheme is also mutch cleaner.

The Canadiens logo is simply in a word class. The lightning logo is, in my opinion, completely simplistic and is not even in the same league.

But this is completely , as I said, my opinion, witch counts equally as yours. It's the beauty on Internet, and It's completely Ok. Sharing our opinions is what counts here.

Chris said...

That's exactly how I feel about it! I know I can't please everybody all the time — or ever, it seems. But I'm doing this so people will get interested and participate when the blog finally goes interactive in a couple weeks.

When that happens, you guys can all vote and your opinion will count more than mine. And believe me, I trust your judgment better than my own. This whole thing is just me bullshitting my way through the competition. I don't want to offend anybody, but I would like to get feedback like yours. Thanks again!

Sephiroth said...

Man we seem to feel the same way about a lot of things.

I understand all things about what you're doing. It's greatly done.

Only my difficulties to communicate in english stops me to write alot more.

And it's about normal New Jersey are ahead. They have a hell of a logo.

Ken said...

What’s the deal with the “H” inside the “C” in the Canadiens’ logo?
The Canadiens are frequently referred to as the Habs or les Habitants, and many people mistakenly think that’s what the “H” stands for. But that’s wrong — the “H” actually stands for “hockey” because the franchise’s official name is Club de Hockey Canadien. -Uniwatch

Chris said...

I don't know who to believe anymore! I appreciate the input but I'm afraid we're going to need a hockey historian or something to straighten this mess out.

I'm tempted to agree with you though, if for no other reason than logic getting the better of me. If I were to level a guess, I'd say the nickname of "Habs" didn't originate until the team found its footing with fans years after it was created.

I'm sure there have been documentaries on the history of the club and I'd really be curious to see one. If there haven't, someone should get on that. I'd prefer indisputable facts, as far as that goes. I want some 100-year-old French fellow telling me he put the "H" inside the "C" to stand for hockey.

Thanks as always for the comments, everyone!

Anonymous said...

I've seen such documentary. I'm 80 years old short of a 100, but I am a french Canadiens fan. And it is right. Club de Hockey Canadien means Canadian Hockey Club. And the "H" comes from there.

I'll have to agree with Sephiroth: the Canadiens' logo is timeless and I prefer it, because of its simplicity (and the absence of the teams' name in it). Again, our opinions are all as valuable though.

Chris said...

Like I said, logic tempts me to believe that's true. As far as tradition goes with the logo, despite what I may have indicated, I do like the Canadiens logo and would be horrified if it was ever changed. Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahhaahahaha. you're joking, right?


Chris said...

I am joking. What tipped you off?