Monday, July 30, 2007

Flames vs Canucks


The Aesthetics
Both of these logos are made from the letter "C." One forms a Haida-style whale while other emits fire. I like the simplicity of the Flames logo but also the color scheme of the Canucks logo. Since word on the street is that these colors aren't long for this earth, I'm going to give them this point.

The Nickname
Flames burn everything, Canucks included.

The Analysis
Looking at the Canucks logo, I'm continually confused by the whale. This isn't to say that I believe the orca has no connection to the Canucks as a team (as opposed to the organization), but I really like the design John Slabyk came up with. You know the one. Anyway, they can't win for the "C" (symbolizing "Canucks" and "Canada") because the Flames have one of those too. Plus, how can you improve on a logo for a team called the Calgary Flames, anyway?



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Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd point out that the logos don't always have to be completely related to their team name, they can be related to the name of the city that the team belongs to. The C on the Canucks logo ties in the Canucks name, but the orca on it ties the logo to the city of Vancouver, which you may have noticed to be right by the ocean where there are many orcas that can be seen not too far out. Furthermore, making the whale kind of like a totem pole ties in with the heritage of Vancouver and the aboriginal cultures here.