Monday, July 30, 2007

Bruins vs Penguins


The Aesthetics
Looking at these two logos side-by-side, it's fairly obvious why the Penguins shouldn't have switched to the Vegas gold. Which one of these stands out more? But like all you Pens fans know by now, the hockey gear the penguin is wearing bothers me. I can't explain it.

The Nickname
Giant carnivore versus tiny, flightless bird. Is there any question the Bruin eats the Penguin?

The Analysis
Unfortunately for the Bruins, this won't be a sweep. The reason is that I see a penguin in the Penguins logo but a bruin is nowhere in sight. (I take that back. Check the shoulder of the jersey.) If only they'd make that bear in the secondary mark the primary logo. But the truth is, the B's logo is one of the most recognizable in sports so to change it would probably be silly. Still, I stand by my rules for this tournament, despite the bullshit they produce.




Anonymous said...

Let's change one of the most classic logos in pro sports for one we made yesterday. I think not!

The history behind the spoked B, as was questioned earlier is a reference to the city of Boston also known as the hub!

Chris said...

This is true. But let's not change that logo, please. Like you said, it is a classic. Take this competition for what it is — me running my mouth off about my own personal preferences. And yes, I forgot the hub reference. I'll get it in during the next Bruins match. Thanks for reading! And come back and vote in a couple of weeks so I don't have to make these ridiculous decisions anymore.

Ben said...

I've noticed that you've yet to select the Penguins' nickname as winner in a matchup, simply because an actual penguin is not a dominant or threatening creature relative to the opposition's mascot (or perhaps not at all).

Let me ask you this, though: How many of the other NHL teams' nicknames (the Avalanche excepted) have the slightest relevance to the very surface the sport is played on?

Chris said...

None! That's why this competition is so ridiculous! Trying to make logical sense out of this would simply give me a headache. Unfortunately for us, sarcasm and silliness don't often come across well via the written word.

Anyway, I really do want to find out who has the best logo. That's why I'm going to open up voting starting August 12. Come back and vote then so that we can see which logo is REALLY the best.