Thursday, July 5, 2007

Coyotes vs Avalanche


The Aesthetics
Brick red and burgundy. Not your common logo colors, but they make for some strong, cool-looking logos. And both logos represent the team name well. You've got a howling Coyote on one side and an avalanche falling down a mountain shaped like an "A" on the other. Who to choose? So I'm going to look at it from a classic perspective. I see the Avs with the same logo in 50 years. The Coyotes? Not so much.

The Nickname
I don't think Coyotes live in the mountains or even cold climates, but if one found himself amidst an Avalanche, it would surely do him in.

The Analysis
Neither logo goes out of its way to represent the home town. The Avalanche logo comes closest with the snow-capped mountain but that just means the team was named well. The Coyotes take care of Phoenix with a reference on the shoulder patch but this competition doesn't take that into account. So as you can see, this also is a very difficult point to award. For the subtle puck and clever use of the team's initial, this point goes the way of the Avs.



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