Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Capitals vs Canadiens


The Aesthetics
The red, white and blue abound here with the Caps' recent return to the original colors. Unfortunately for them, I felt it was the bronze and blue that made them stand out — in a good way. For choosing a new logo that spells out the name — and uses a hockey stick and puck, all of which I hate — I should take the point away out of spite. But I'm not like that. The Habs' logo is actually better looking and more balanced.

The Nickname
A Canadien is a citizen and is therefore subject to the laws created and passed in the Capital.

The Analysis
Being that it was just unveiled last month, the Capitals logo has a more contemporary feel than one that was basically designed almost a hundred years ago. Matched with the fact that the Caps actually makes an attempt at alluding to its home city with the stars of the D.C. flag representing Maryland, Virginia and the district itself, I'm tempted to give it to the Capitals right there. I can't say the Canadiens didn't put up a fight, though.



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