Friday, March 21, 2008

Flyers Leak Thirds?

Got a bunch of emails today from readers under the impression that possible photos of the Philadelphia Flyers' new third jersey have leaked. And you know how I love rumor mongering. Still, I'll indulge.

From these horribly lo-res pictures (I'm assuming taken by a cell phone from the late '90s), they look a lot like what we were hearing — vintage look in orange. It's hard to say but I'll try to provide better photos when I see some.

In the meantime, speculate away!

By the way, if you're looking for the Freak Out post, give it one more day. I've got lots of good stuff but it'll have to wait until tomorrow.


Brian C said...

the first pic looks like it has gagne on it. looks like it has the nhl crest at the neck, and it has the cut style like the edge. in my book, thats a very good chance thats philly's third.

Daryl said...

I hope that's what they go with for the alternate jersey. It would be awesome to see them in the "retro" orange jersey of the 70's.

zachary said...

i really like the nameplate on that.

Sephiroth said...

Agreed with Brian c. Seems the thing.

An excellent alternate.

Paul said...

If that's next season's Flyers alternate jersey (in agreement with brian c), then I'm all for it. It looks really nice. I'm confident the majority of Flyers fans would love that retro look with a very slight modernization (such as the neckline).

I also liked last season's Flyers alternate jersey, but the nameplate lettering width should've matched the one on the current home black jersey.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what this possible new alternate jersey will look like in the near future.

Anonymous said...

i agree. it would be awesome to see the old school jerseys back. but could the bigger news here (if that is indeed gagne's jersey) be that he doesn't appear to have the A on his jersey next year?

...just kidding

Doogie said...

The retro nameplate is a nice touch, though I'm not entirely sure how many people are comfortable with that sort of a literal evocation of the BSB image. People got grumpy enough about the comparisons during Suspension Season this past fall.

Anonymous said...

YES! yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Finally, they got it right. These jerseys will fly off the shelves so fast the flyers organization is gonna wonder why they didn't think of this for this year when the edge jerseys were coming out in the first place. Hopefully what will happen is that they'll keep these as the alternate for the next three years or so, then release a road white one in the same retro style, ditch the style they have now, and go 70's jersey full time. Sort of how they introduced the black jerseys as an alternate then slowly made them the official home jersey.

FlyingV4Life said...

I have been calling for a return to the old 70's style broad street bullies era jerseys for a loooong time.

those jerseys scream..."INTIMIDATION"

now with the team returning to its tough as nails,knock your block off style,its the perfect time to unveil this jersey.