Friday, March 21, 2008

We Need A Bigger Boat... hold all these concept graphics.

You know... because there are so many today. Ha ha. Ha.


Okay I'll stop. Really, though, lots of San Jose Sharks artwork for you this afternoon. It's my attempt at winning you back after two posts in a row to which many of you responded negatively. And I'm sorry about that. I'm a man of the people and I hear what you're saying. You're saying you want something better. I'll do what I can.

I love that shield logo. (So much I'd consider marrying it if that were legal in my state.) But I also like the teal sleeves on the black jersey in general. I'd call it a serious contender for a third jersey design but then again that's not my decision to make.

There are other options.

I like the all black shark but the contrast isn't there. You need contrast to have a good logo. (I might be lying about that.)

The design on the right shows how things could work if we drop the orange. Personally I'm a fan. It adds a little something, but then you're talking to a guy who can't fathom yellow (or red for that matter) being introduced into the Lightning's logo — a topic I assure has been discussed in the past.

But getting back to the contrast thing. You could fix that problem with grey instead.

It's really not a bad idea but spare me the piping on the white jersey. At least let it serve as a border to something but don't just go willy-nilly putting it anywhere and everywhere.

Am I writing too much? Logos! That's right, I have more.

It's hard not to like that one in the circle. I'm less impressed by the triangle. Still, if you wanted to throw out the rules of visual balance altogether, try to endure this.

Though as I joke, I mean nothing bad toward these designs. They're all good. Obviously I didn't post everything I had but I felt these would represent the cream of that particular crop.

I'm interested now to see how you guys react. I think I can only write so many more bad posts before you all come to the realization of the scam I'm running and jet for the nearest exit. (Kidding, of course.) Bantering is difficult when you're all by yourself.

What do you guys think of the San Jose Sharks, anyway? Cup contenders or are they destined to the fate of the Ottawa Senators? (Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the Sens but those guys absolutely implode come April.)


Anonymous said...

CHRIS!!!! YOU DID IT! This is the best post of concept art since like........well, it hasnt been that long, but oh well. I really like the Sheild logo as well, (adultery anyone?) but yeah, great work!

Jonathan said...

I REALLY dislike the horizontal striping on the current Sharks jerseys. It's just... I dunno... too much! I think the first designs posted are very sharp. Less Horizontal stripes = win.

Jacob said...

Thanks for the link, Chris, but those concepts aren't mine. Someone took my images and painted over them.

Which isn't a big deal (I mean, I did the same thing to the official jerseys) but I wish whoever did this had removed my name.

Chris said...

Thanks for the link, Chris, but those concepts aren't mine. Someone took my images and painted over them.

Which isn't a big deal (I mean, I did the same thing to the official jerseys) but I wish whoever did this had removed my name.

Oh well. Can't win.

Bach said...

Sharks vs. Detroit
Western Conference Finals

bw said...

My apologies for not erasing your name from those jersey's. I must have missed them. I will be more careful in the future. On the bright side, you got some publicity! I had recoloured the jerseys when Chris posted your concepts, since he asked for teal, and I answered that call!

Washington said...

alright a sharks post!

chris, i think that this year the Sharks have shown a lot more ability to respond to adversity. one thing that they absolutely must correct though. stop giving up goals in the last minute. the team has been able to dig themselves out in overtime or shootout moreso than the past, but come playoffs no shootouts to fall back on. This is what killed them last year against Detroit. This year SJ has been more defensively responsible so I think they have a legitimate shot to go deep this year. I am biased though.

Washington said...

onto the actual concepts, the panthers-ish ones are nice. The Blues-ish one has too much going on there. It's almost like the Islanders jerseys.

i don't mind the all-black shark but what's with the mashup of the crest and the full shark logos? it looks cramped like the shark tried to jump through the triangle but couldn't quite make it.

and jason, i know that bw recolored your other concepts, but more and more I really like how you subbed in grey instead of the teal on the shark. overall pretty solid concepts.

demondg1 said...

I really love that circular sharks logo. I think it's better than the one they currently use.

Erik said...

the sharks are good, but i find it hard to believe that once they got Campbell, they all of a sudden started to play good hockey, who does he think he is, Brian Leetch?
They needed more scoring depth at the deadline in my opinion, someone to complement Thornton
That being said, the Stars are kinda struggling and the Ducks are inconsistent so i guess theyll make it, but well see come playoff time

Matt in NYS said...

On Sharks designs: That little bit of orange says Golden Gate Bridge in a subtle way. I like it. (On the Sharks: Where'd they come from?)

Michaela said...

great post!! the shild one would make a great alternate, imo

Rob said...

oh yeah so i guess its a just a coincidence that after campbell joined the sharks they havent lost in regulation, and only lost after regulation one time. i guess its just a coincidence that they went on a 12 game winning streak and i guess its just a coincidence that since campbell has joined the team the sharks have moved up to 2nd in the West and are now looking like the best team in hockey. a premier defenseman who can quarterback the power play and skate with the puck was exactly what the sharks needed and now they have it. youll be seeing the sharks in june

Washington said...

i'll second rob's point and add that hey, I don't care if Brian Campbell thinks he's Brian Leetch or Elvis Presley if the Sharks keep this tear up into the playoffs.

To comment on the Sharks current jerseys though, it seems like when the jerseys are in action, the shoulder yokes look obtuse, almost as if they were teardrops and not straight parallel lines. I don't notice this "problem" with any other jerseys with the yokes. am I just seeing things?

Anonymous said...

The first two and the one with the Phantoms / Flyers / Thrashers cut are mine.

My gripe with the old third jersey was the lack of teal in it. After all this team's nickname is Team Teal.

A friend of mine said that the designer of the logos was working with the Sharks on this design.