Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Result: Penguins vs Canadiens


56% 12,077 votes


44% 9,645 votes

21,722 total votes

Montreal Canadiens
Advancing to Quarterfinals to face New Jersey Devils

Pittsburgh Penguins

Poll opening date
Aug 28 @ 4:21 AM
Poll closing date
Sep 4 @ 11:59 PM



Jeff said...



Artymous said...

*sniff*.. Poor Penguins.. you put up a great fight.

I think that the Canadiens logo will win this tournament out of sheer force of history and fan-based will.

Not that it makes it any less deserving, but man, I sure don't like it. lol.

Ryan said...

i think it's not out of the question to say that the pens would have beaten any team other than montreal and boston.

i still think the logo's the best, but people can't get past "tradition", even if the logos are just stylized letters. sorry, but wtf does a wheel looking thing have to do with the bruins (to counter the argument of what penguins have to do with pgh)? And the canadiens, i mean, can a team name get any less original? i guess if we were the pittsburgh americans, wore red white and blue and our logo was an "A" with an H in the middle, we'd win. oh ya, we would need "tradition" too.



Mullie said...

ryan, Boston is known as "The Hub", so the logo is designed the reflect that (a B at the hub of a wheel). And you have something against stylized letters? What about the Yankees? Or Giants? Or Bears? You don't need a crazed animal for your logo for it to be good. I agree that the Pens have a great logo, but it can't compete when matched against a very original design like the Canadiens. Yes, it's hard to get past tradition, but there is something to be said for resisting dated redesigns to keep a classic look.

P said...

yeah ryan man, you might want to dust off the old history book and do yourself a favour by finding out why they're called the canadiens, and not the canadians, before making a fool of yourself with that kind of comment.

history isnt everything, but without it we don't mean much.

HabsFan12CV said...