Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Result: Sabres Logo History


70% 9,902 votes

14,233 total votes

20% 2,888 votes

10% 1,443 votes

Poll opening date
Sep 4 @ 4:20 AM
Poll closing date
Sep 11 @ 11:59 PM



Charlie said...

Well maybe if the marketing folks, ownership and/or Managing partner of the Sabres could reasonably consider the majority of votes as a potential sale, then how can you ignore the results of this voting and NOT look at making the vintage logo RBK Edge jersey the PRIMARY jersey and identity when the third uniform comes back? Save the slug as a third so to not to make people upset who spent their good money on slug wear last season.

The Sabres only spent $200,000 on their what is another 200k compared to the million dollars Vancouver spent? You still save $600,000 over Vancouver in costs.

This poll proves that it wasn't the charging angry yellow penis that was responsible for all of those jersey sales. Buffalo had a hell of a hockey team last season.

Drew said...

Quick! Someone send this report to Brad Riter over at WGR550. I'm sure he'll proceed to tell you what a bunch of idiots you all are and that he hates you. And I'm sure my name will come up too, and he'll reiterate how much he hates me for protesting our ridiculous current pre-school logo.

What more proof do you need? Classic is where it's at. Salt the slug.

Sephiroth said...

Salt the slug.

Chrisi said...

Hey, new poster here. I think the results of this poll are pretty clear: people aren't fond of the "Buffaslug". As a Sabres fan, I hated the new logo when I first saw it, but it's grown on me a little bit. I still think the original logo was the best and I'm really hoping the new EDGE jersey will incorporate it some how. Heck, even the shoulder logo of the B with the sabre through it would be better than the slug in my opinion as the main logo.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Since the team just re-did their jerseys, I doubt they'll be many major changes, if any at all.

Scarecrow said...

Alright, I'm not even from Buffalo, nor are the Sabres my favorite team, yet it irks me that Larry Quinn did this to the fans of Buffalo. Even the mid-90's buffalo head was better. It was fierce, and the color scheme evoked tenascity and fear.

In the grand scheme of things, the vintage logo will always reign supreme as one of the best all time NHL logos.

Salt the slug.