Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Jersey Has Arrived!

What kind of person would I be to spend months writing about the new Rbk EDGE jerseys and not purchase one myself? Well, in fact, I pre-ordered my new Tampa Bay Lightning jersey the very day they were unveiled. It was sitting in my mailbox when I got home this afternoon.

And here it is!

Let me just say that it is very nice.

It's just like all the pictures and things I've been recording all summer. Though to be fair, these pictures are my first real exclusive contribution to the blog. And here's a close-up of the new collar style.

It's so cool to finally own one. It's just a shame I probably won't make it to any games this season.

The only small thing that disappointed me a little about my replica is the shoulder logo. It's not embroidered, but is rather a faux leather-like piece that is stitched on. The good news is that nothing is ironed on.

Anyway, it's really cool and I'm wearing it to work tomorrow! Everyone should get a good laugh out of that.

UPDATE (2:25 PM): Some valid questions were asked in the comments regarding how my new jersey fits. So this picture to the left shows you.

I'm about 5'11" and pretty thin. I ordered a medium jersey and it fits perfectly, as you can see. I couldn't be more thrilled with that.

Like most people, I wasn't sure what size to order at first, but I figured I could exchange it if I absolutely had to. And medium seemed like a smart choice.

So there you go. Probably go with a large if you're taller or just like a jersey that's a little bigger.

Let me know if you guys have any other questions about it. Now that I own my own jersey, I can actually answer them.


Masik said...

The question is now, how does it fit? What size did you order? The RBK Jerseys look more like a Women's cut NHL jersey so I'm curious if it has room to move in. I like to wear my jerseys larger and baggier. If you could give us a run down, that would be cool.

Thanks for sharing the photos also. I'll probably get the same jersey since I'm a Lightning fan myself.

Miottessier said...

i have the same question. how tall are you and your body type. i'm about 6 foot, 175 pounds...i want it to be a little on the fitted side...what do you suggest?

perhaps a new blog?

Michaela said...

they look cool! and seeing that I am a women.. I'm excited to get my hurricanes one =D

my old one was very... very... baggy.

but ditto to the other comments.. I'd like to know what size that is for future reference

Vincent said...

Is that a replica or authentic?

Chris said...

It's a replica. I'm not made of money. Thanks for the comments, all!

Brandon said...

I am going to assume you got the replica and not the authentic, correct?

I know the replicas are not made of all the fancy technologically advanced material, correct?

So are they still more form fitting or are they looser like the old NHL jerseys?

Do they feel lighter or is it still heavy mesh like the old NHL jerseys?

And finally what is the deal with the jock tag on the bottom front of the jersey? Do you have to get that? Is it optional?

Thanks a lot

Chris said...

Hi Brandon. The replicas still have the same paneling as the authentics but obviously, the material is of a less expensive variety.

And even though it's not authentic, there's definitely a marked difference in the overall weight. It's so much lighter than my old replica and even old game-worn authentic Lightning jerseys.

The tag on the front of the jersey just comes on the replicas, I believe. There was no option to forgo it in the ordering process. I guess you could remove it yourself if you were that opposed to it. Personally, I don't mind it.

As far as it being form-fitting, it's not a t-shirt or anything. I will say that you might notice a difference in the armpits. Definitely not as loose as the old sweaters, but I kind of appreciate that. The one thing I hated when wearing my old baggy jersey to games was always having to watch the sleeves for food and drinks. You learn quick to avoid grazing a mustard-covered hot dog with your elbow.

The other big thing, of course, is the giant logo on the front. They're really trying to get those suckers as big as they can and who could blame them?

Thanks for commenting!

Boltman said...

Congrats. I got mine last Friday. I love these jerseys.

And after last night's game, the players seem to be doing well in them as well.

Robert Ullman said...

I have about 15 or so, and I always kinda dug the fact that hockey sweaters were so roomy...these seem awfully slim and slight. I dunno, I suppose these'll be fine for the league, but I doubt I'd ever buy and wear one around.

Vincent said...

Do you know what the name and numbering will be like on the jerseys?

Nate said...

I just got a new Sabres jersey, I was really dissapointed in the screen printed twill shoulder patches, any idea why they changed that? It seems to bring the look of the jersey down, I think i might just get an authentic because of that feature. Could this be why the Penguins chose not to put a patch on? their authentic jerseys must be harder to pick out from the replicas.

Miottessier said...


i just recieved my rangers jersey customized to have a messier #11 on the back and the only difference is the last names are taller than the originals...

awildermode said...

if you are going to spend the money to letter and number your jersey, you might as well spend a little more and get an authentic.

Drew Celestino said...

"I just got a new Sabres jersey"

That's a shame.

Kyle said...

Hey Chris. Very nice jersey I really like the lightnings logo and uniform this year. Anyway i was just on the Blues shop site and saw a replica Paul Kariya Jersey. I love the Blues and I am a little bias but I think they have one of the nicer jerseys this year. Anyway im 5'11 and 200 pounds should i go with a medium or large? Thanks for your help and thanks for this great site!

spiro said...

i must say the shoulder patches are terrible. I have seen many jerseys and think it looks very second rate. Also, what is the deal with the jerseys tearing? i have read about 5 different instances where players in fights have had their jerseys rip.

Robert Ullman said...

These new jerseys will go the way of the new NBA ball by January!

Alex said...

awesome, love the lightning's new uniforms. my friend and i were at the flyers unveiling and we loved them so much he bought one immediatley. i would've but i'm broke :( i'm getting one for christmas though :) the edge stuff feels awesome!

Chris said...

These new jerseys will go the way of the new NBA ball by January!

Go ahead, just try to rain on my parade, sir! My technologically-advanced, water-repelling Rbk EDGE Lightning jersey will wick away any moisture that might be silly enough to happen upon me. Who needs umbrellas, anyway?

And what's the NBA? (Kidding.) But seriously, I only know hockey so I couldn't possibly tell one basketball from another.

Appreciate the comments, all!

zachary said...

do the replica tampa jerseys have the stripes under the armpits?

Drew Celestino said...

"And what's the NBA?"

Ask Gary Bettman.

Peter said...


Concerning the front tag, I'm sure it can be removed, but how trouble some is it?
Is it stitched in in such a fashion that it can be easily removed (ie. suit tops that have their pockets sewn together)...
...or is it more semi-permanent, requiring some thought and skill to remove without damaging the replica?

Not exactly a deal breaker in my books, after all, us Calgary boys have to deal with the clashing blue Alberta patch on our shoulders.

Matthew said...

Looks pretty good, but man that huge RBK tag is distracting. You'd think they'd put it on the back of the jersey so it stays somewhat out of sight, but I guess if you were careful you could get it snipped off. I'm still debating whether to get one of these, mainly because I already have home and away Wings jerseys and (thank god) there isn't all that much to differentiate the new jerseys from what they already had.

mike said...

I have been collecting hockey jerseys for over seven years now and i can not, after every thing that I've seen and read, drop $115.00 on one of those franken-jerseys, now don't get me wrong, I think the new Tampa logo is cool but I can't see myself spending that kind of money on something that i could have gotten for $89.00 and get shoulder logos that aren't single laired garbage. Sorry Reebok you lost yourself a loyal customer.

Lucas said...

Chris, your last comment was amazing!

It got me to laugh. I know. It's weird.

Jaxsun said...

i noticed the weak shoulder patches on the new canucks jersey when i went to a pre season game, its kind of a let down, they should have gone for quality all the way

All hail the manipulated one! said...

They look like a hybrid between a long sleeved t-shirt and pajamas.


Saw them in Vegas this weekend and I was sick to my stomach!

Sage Confucius said...

I purchased one of the Predators authentic jerseys and compared it to the Premier replicas. There is a huge difference in quality. The shoulder patches are screen printed on some plastic like material then sewn on on the replica. I have a replica from last season that is much higher quality than these new, more expensive ones.

I don't have an issue with people purchasing quality replicas if that is what they can afford. But these suck and it's worth the money for the authentic.

At the very least, buy one of last year's replicas (which are very cheap right now) and have a good looking jersey.

Paul said...

Nice jersey, Chris. The one thing I mentioned when they were unveiled is my dissatisfaction for the "completeness" of the new primary logo.

Other that, it looks good with its use of colors and simplicity.

Ryan said...

Hey chris,

Can you tell me how many inches it is arm pit to arm pit?

Nathan said...

nice jersey. i just got a new sens jersey. the edge jerseys are pretty cool

Robert Ullman said...

Hey Chris, could you tell me whether it says "Made in Canada"on the tag, and if not, where it was made? I've been looking at a Pens jersey on eBay, and I don't wanna get scammed!


Ryan said...

I didn' like Buffalo's 'unique' logo at first, but I have to admit, it's started to grow on me. That, combined with the fact that the only Sabres jersey I have is pre-lockout, has led me to purchase a new Sabres jersey.

FinishLine had a recent clearance sale - the Sabres jersey I wanted was $45 instead of $115!

Photos to follow.

Keep up the good work - Ryan