Thursday, September 20, 2007

Poll: Sharks Logo History


Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment as to how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Sep 20 @ 4:30 AM
Poll closing date
Sep 27 @ 11:59 PM



Dennis said...

This is no contest.

You either have the shark that looks like it was drawn by StrongBad, or you have a more authentic looking shark that is created with thoughtful design elements that include clever shading, subtle initals of SJ, and a better sense of depth.


Masik said...

While I'm not a fan of their new colors and jersey, there's no doubt the 2007 logo is fierce.

breezer28e said...

i think i see it...but im not sure. cant you point out the subtle SJ initials on the new logo? i never noticed it before till it was brought up.

Sabres Persuasion said...

It says "SJ around the first fin. You really have to look for it, but you can see the fadings into it. I'm pretty sure somebody highlighted it once.

T said...

I don't like change for the sake of change. While the new logo is growing on me, (not that I have much of a choice) I still prefer the old design. How can you establish a tradition if the logo keeps changing. Teams like the 'Wings, Blues, 'Hawks, and Bruins have gone 30, 40, 50+ years without a major overhaul. Why must the newer teams be different? Just because you can change doesn't mean you should. Ask the Sabres and Ducks fans about that one. While thw new logo is a move towards the future, I prefer a longer tradition than 17 years.

Pandasharks said...

STONER SHARK over BAT SHARK any day of the week.

SHARK COLOR - Black Shark trumps over Teal Shark (Edge: Stoner)

COMPLEMENTARY COLORS - Bat Shark mixes orange with the Teal. Bleh You can draw a mean looking shark, but darker colors are more authoritative (Edge: Stoner)

ILLUSTRATION - Bat does have more depth and is a refreshed version of the original. Stoner has a very cool 2D retro vibe to it. (Edge: Bat - by a hair)

STAYING POWER - Although both logos gained praised when they first were unveiled, Stoner has a more subdue feel.

Would the Wings logo be a classic if it was burning rubber and spitting flames? What if the Blackhawks made a fiercer Indian. Both would date quickly, so will Bat Shark. (Edge: Stoner)

GOOSE EGGS - Bat Shark has SJ hidden in the black. Stoner has none that I know of. (Edge: Bat)

Overall winner: STONER