Sunday, September 2, 2007

Concepts For 'Hawks, Ducks, Devils

I'm curious to see the reaction in this one. A lot of you profess the Chicago Blackhawks to have the "most beautiful" uniform in all of sports. I don't see it but that's only me. However, I could very much get behind a design like this.

Even the white one is awfully sharp. The striping is clean and very minimalist. But would something like that result in an upheaval of the hockey world? Do things always have to stay the same?

Either way, the design work is very clean and I'm curious to see comments on this set.

This next one will be met with nothing but hate I'm sure. The striping is one thing. The name above the logo is another.

I'm sure that would result in even more blowback than 'VANCOUVER" across the front of the Canucks' jersey. But of course, these are all just fan-created concept designs. A bunch of what-ifs.

Here's a thought for the Anaheim Ducks.

It's the orange sweater Flyers fans have been begging for. Personally, I think it's too much for the Ducks. I think orange needs to be an accent for them. Let gold be the main color. As much as I don't like black jerseys, I think the Ducks' look sort of requires it. Thoughts on that?

And then we have a look at all-star template-based New Jersey Devils concept.

You know you love the piping. I like the idea of a black Devils jersey — despite that fact that I just said I don't like black jerseys. The reason here being that too many teams have red jerseys now. You can add the Wild and Capitals to the fray this season. Red's a good color until it gets overused. Which is right about now.

I'll have more later. By the way, I have tons of Canadiens and Flames concepts for tomorrow — they day before their big unveilings!


Mike said...

Y'know, I subscribe to the theory that the Blackhawks have one of the best jerseys and logos in all of sports. That being said, I could live with the first design. It's not bad.

Anonymous said...

First B'Hawks' design is def. okay. The white shirt should have black numbers.

????????????????????? said...

the devils one is pretty cool

Anonymous said...

check this islanders logo out =)

its captain highliner defecating. Its from the Canucks board.

its from that hybrid thread.

TJ said...

Add the senators? They have had a red jersey for a decade now.

Anonymous said...

That first B'hack concept looks like a recolored Blues jersey.

Chris said...

Add the senators? They have had a red jersey for a decade now.

Apologies. I'm notorious for not proof-reading my own work. I actually meant the Capitals, who've recently returned to a red sweater after 12 years in blue and black. It's been fixed in the post.

Anonymous said...

I find it kind of ironic that the group of people probably mostly associated with those ducks colors are the hunters out there trying to shoot them.

Maybe I'm missing something.

sagar said...

dave tallon has already stated that he's not gonna change his jerseys..they're gonna stay the same this season

btw : he didn't state that in a PC, he simply answered it in a response to a fan e-mail

Anonymous said...

As a Devils fan, I can say that I'm not too keen on this design, although I like the idea of a black jersey. Our jerseys are simple and traditional with the horizontal striping, and it hasn't changed because it works. (except for the baby-puke green, thank God they changed that to black)

Baroque said...

I like the first Blackhawks concept. Very simple and sharp.

The orange Ducks jersey looks like the Cincinnatti Bengals. With their arrest records, that might be a little more intimidating than the black jerseys!

Drew said...

oh man the devils concept looks awesome! the organization should really look in making a jersey similar to that one!

tyboughner said...

i love the hawks concept