Thursday, August 2, 2007

Jersey For New Jersey

How many times do you think I'll be able to make that joke as we get information about the New Jersey Devils new uniforms? Anyway, today I have a fan-made graphic to share. It comes from a Devils fan message board.

It's not the actual jersey, of course. I mean let's not fool ourselves here. It's merely a manipulation of the Boston Bruins' road jersey which was unveiled back in June. It just gives us an idea of what can be done if the team were to keep its current uniform design on the new Rbk EDGE jersey cut.

I'm not sure I like the collar laces, though. What do you guys say? Should the Devils keep what they've got or go with something completely new in the vein of, say, the Predators?


devsaf said...

They should just keep that logo the N and J making a devil is pretty sweet, although I wouldn't mind seeing a black jersey

Anonymous said...¤t=leafjersey.png
That is a concept I made of what I would like this jersey to look like. If you can post it that would be great :D

Chris said...

That's great! I have Maple Leafs stuff to post anyway on Friday so I'll definitely add your work to that list. Thanks for sending it in!

dev said...

the devils are not changing anything except for maybe number fonts. I am hoping that Reebok does not get their act together in terms of being able to produce all these new uniforms by the beginning of the season and the devils keep the old style cut for another year. Would'nt that be awesome!!

Chris said...

Ha! Don't you wish! I think the new Reebok jerseys will look good. Everybody's passing so much bad judgment before they've even seen anything. I know change is hard, but it's on the way.

Oh and I hate the Devils. They've beaten my Lightning in too many playoff series. So my hope is that they produce the jerseys in the wrong color — pink or something.

No, I'm kidding. Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

keep wut u hav devils, ur jerseys rock!

foot182 said...

I'd like to see devils logo stay the same... but get a little more modern.. a little less flat. And a black jersey would look phenominal.