Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Canucks vs Kings


The Aesthetics
This is a hard one. I like both of these logos. How to choose. I actually like the Canucks logo's color scheme better than the Kings. I also like the Haida style artwork. It's very unique in this league. But both of these teams have struggled with an identity for decades, changing logos constantly. But as for right now, I'm going with the Canucks.

The Nickname
A King pretty much gets whatever he wants. He can have Canucks do... anything really. Go whaling or something. I don't know. Where are my creative juices when I need them?

The Analysis
As far as logos pertaining to the team names, a Canuck is not a whale. A King is not a crown, but he wears one. I also like the subtle hockey sticks in the top of the crown and the suns on either side of it. The Canucks logo doesn't offer anything cool like that.




Anonymous said...

hey buddy the canuck whale is breaking through ice, very observent!

Chris said...

So it is! Sharp eye. ("Observant" has an "a." How's that for irony?) Anyway, I don't get it. I'm slow that way. I know he's breaking through ice? Did you mean that I should've mentioned that since hockey is played on a surface of that stuff? I'm so lost.

Well, I appreciate the comment even if it went a little over my head. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

i just read this on the net
i heard that the canucks logo is designed like a totem pole to represent the totem poles found all over Vancouver