Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wild vs Predators


The Aesthetics
These are two teams still working on their first decade in the NHL — though if certain billionaires have their way, the Preds won't make it beyond ten years. The most noticeable thing about these two logos is their similarities in shape. There are very distinct triangles make up the heads of some rather vicious animals. I think they are two of the league's best and that shows in the standings. Still, I think the Predators logo could use a little less minutia and final a real focus for the color scheme. The Wild logo already has all of that.

The Nickname
You might say a Predator is the king of the Wild, catching prey and dispatching of it.

The Analysis
By now, you already know the story of how the Predators got their name. Unfortunately, there's no sign of the city of Nashville in the logo, so it will be very easily transferred to Hamilton, er Kansas City, er... screw it. Anyway, I've also already talked in length about the greatness of the Wild logo in its ability to work in so much in such a small space.



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