Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Canucks vs Ducks


The Aesthetics
This is easy. The wordmark the Ducks are claiming is a logo... isnt. Meanwhile, the color combination in the Canucks logo is cool, not that the Ducks colors aren't — but they need a better logo.

The Nickname
If he was a good shot, a Canuck might be able to successfully hunt a Duck.

The Analysis
Aside from the "C" formed the logo itself, the Canucks logo doesn't do much to represent the very team name it's meant to — but neither does the Ducks logo. A webbed duck foot in the form of a "D" isn't enough of a saving grace for this logo. And it gets swept again.



1 comment:

Kyle said...

Yeah it is pretty stupid to have an orca whale in a logo when your team name is the "Canucks" but the reason they have that in their logo is because some orca whale company owns the team like when the ducks were the mighty ducks because they were owned by disney
So it is okay that there losing point for having a whale but stop acting like the whale has absolutely no meaning to the canucks