Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sharks vs Oilers


The Aesthetics
The Sharks logo goes heavy on the detail and light on the color which is not a good combination. It has a hockey stick in it and if you notice, the tape doesn't go around the entire blade. It needs work. Good thing is, in just two days, it's getting the help it needs when the Sharks unveil a new logo. The team name being written out in the Oilers logo still isn't making me happy, but its a better-looking logo when compared with the Sharks. If you ask me.

The Nickname
Suppose an Oiler is out working on an ocean rig. Were he to fall off with hungry Sharks lying in wait, he would no doubt be lunch.

The Analysis
All we really have to look at in this match is whether the logo is a good symbol for the club's name. Here, the Sharks logo works well while the Oilers logo leaves a lot to be desired. I'm a fan of the shoulder logo they currently wear despite its heavy-handed detail. The third jersey logo would work as well but what do I know? I see a shark.



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