Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Avalanche vs Sharks


The Aesthetics
I truly believe the West has some of the best logos in the league. The colors are even just cool to look at. But only one can take the point. I like the incorporation of the "A" in the Avs logo while at the same time being annoyed at the lack of color used in the Sharks. The graphic is misleading as the only teal in the logo itself is in a thin outline of the triangle.

The Nickname
This is another tricky one. What business would a Shark have on a mountainside during an Avalanche? Unless you make the case that by avoiding the mountain altogether, he's got the upper hand on the snowy slide.

The Analysis
Okay, let's dig deep now. You can pretty much guess the team name from both logos though I wish they would've both done more to represent their city, but I'll live. However! There's nothing I hate more than the blatant use of something like a hockey stick (see Sharks) — despite it being eaten by a shark — and nothing I admire more than the subtle use of something like a puck (see Avs). And so as you can see the choice is rather clear.



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