Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wallpaper Wednesday II

This week brings the second edition of Wallpaper Wednesday and this one is focusing on player-centric designs. We'll start with Alexander Ovechkin.

And we have lots of goalies too — like Marc-Andre Fleury...

...along with Henrik Lundqvist and Martin Gerber.

And I thought this was cool — this year's complete playoff bracket.

Speaking of the Stanley Cup champion Red Wings, check this out.

And this, also designed by SnyperP.

He's actually gone and fulfilled several requests but unfortunately I don't have room for all of them here. I'm putting together a gallery that will be available soon. In the meantime, here are a couple more.

And I chose those two to post because they were voted best secondary and third jersey logos by you guys in earlier logo tournaments.

So keep sending in your desktop wallpaper art. You never know, it may one day appear right here on a Wallpaper Wednesday.


Atownjacket said...

It seems like the best wallpapers are the ones with shadows around the logo/picture.


westerngoalie2 said...

Hey SnyperP !! awesome job. would you mind making a vancouver canucks roberto luongo wallpaper using the white tailed canucks logo and luongo in the home (blue) jersey making a save or something???? thanks alot

resist the machine. said...

Thank You Patrick!!!

The OV and Weagle is perfect.

- Bryan

snyperp said...

For all of those who requested some in the last post, Chris is going to put them in a gallery because like he said, I sent him crap load of them.

ali said...

I love you Patrick!!!
You actually made the OILERS one.
I love all the wallpapers especially King Henrik's

Atownjacket said...

patrick, can u make a thrashers wallpapper?

I made a one(its in his last wallpapper post) but its not as good as urs!

Bryan said...

Isnt Patricks Ovie one the Ovechkin pic from NHL 07 cover, meaning that that is the old jersey and logo. O well, its still amazing.

resist the machine. said...

you are correct bryan, but i'm sure the awards balance it out.


abrod_blues said...

those are awesome, could you make one for the Blues and have Legace or Boyes. thanks