Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Looks For The Whole League

I've opted to be lazy today. I have concept art but it's all in one graphic. One reader has redesigned the uniforms and logos of every single team in the NHL. Some of them are great... but some of them are terrible. I'll leave it up to you to decide what's what.

Comment away! Another edition of Wallpaper Wednesday comes tomorrow.


resist the machine. said...

yawn, i'm not a fan of any of them.

Ms. Conduct said...

As a Minnesota fan, I'd say that's Freak Out Friday material there. WTF?

Mike said...

wtf is up with the "Kansas City Cougars" god thats awful.. keep the panthers in florida people.. Let's Go Panthers!!!!

go sens go said...

Umm... It Says Theres 2 teams relocated"... Theres 3...anyways... WHAT IS WITH THAT SENS JERSEY? BLECH!

Kenneth said...

Minnesota Berserkers? wow, the chances of that are... well, we might as well not even talk about the chances. the Kansas City Cougars, and they use the same logo as the Panthers? we might as well not talk about the chances of that either. new blackhawks logo? stupid. New Canucks logo is ok. Bruins logo is teriible.

Anonymous said...

they all suck... the only one i remotely like is the Lightning and even that is a stretch.

Arenacale said...

The Boston Four Feathers in a Circle jersey is nice...other than the new team name.

Damme said...

go sens go: Minnesota Berserkers isn't relocated, the teams name is just changed.

Not good, the only ones I like are the Ducks and the Sabres jerseys.

Darryl said...

i saw a whole lot of terrible ones, thats for sure...not too many good ones tho

Anonymous said...

nice nice i love the sabres and sharks. THats it. Chris when is Getto getting doen with the Sabres rebranding

NHL Jeff said...

I think I like all of them except: Chicago, new Minn team, Bruins, and Habs.

Kathleen said...


Anonymous said...

thus far I have the most positive reaction to this, although some of them are pretty bad. I have always liked the old Senators logo and the old black sens jersey so kudos there to not fixing what ain't broke. Sabres and Caps: yes yes yes.

Oh and the Berserkers name is GREAT. I've never liked the Wild name or logo (I hate singular names like Lightning, Wild, Magic etc). Wikipedia's entry for berserker: "Norse warriors who wore coats of wolf or bear skin and who were commonly understood to have fought in an uncontrollable rage or trance of fury." Good name for an NHL team, and good recognition of the Scandinavian history of Minnesota (a la the Vikings).

the flyers redesign is terrible, and there's no reason to change Montreal's yet you leave Phoenix's abomination untouched. (Anyone else for going back to the old Coyotes logo?)

Drew Bar-Fridge said...

didnt know pittsburgh or new jersey were anywhere near the great lakes...lol

Sabres Persuasion said...

I'd say they are more likely roller hockey jersey candidates.

Likes: Ducks, Hurricanes, Lightning, Sens (I know how you all feel about black as a home jersey, but Black and the Sens just works right)

Dislikes: Avalance, Nucks, Sharks (BLUE?!), Preds (in Balsille's dreams).

jason said...

Who says that Hamilton is going to get an expansion team before Winnipeg. The only City that should get one. Or at least it should be first on the list.
As for the jersey's good attempt but there are only a couple of alright ones.

Liquidfire3240 said...

Calgary: like
Avs: meh
Oilers: see no change
Wild: utter crap.
Nucks: junk, skate? wtf.
Ducks: like
Stars: get rid of the stars, its not an all star jersey
Kings: like the dark purple
Coyotes: see no change
Sharks: BLUE?! its teal.
Blackhawks: looks like bad clipart
Blue Jackets: looks the same
Red Wings: no change, doesnt need to be changed.
Cougars: NO, jerseys junk, name change sucks, cougars?
Blues: the name on the side sucks.
Sabres: like
Predators: Nashvilles got their act together other than Del Baggio, either way, there not relocating anytime soon. Plus, the logo too small, and the hell is with the urban camo/stipe pattern on the side?
Devils: like
Penguins: like
Leafs: looks like a 4 year old drew it
Thrashers: like
Hurricanes: Really like, but too complicated for real life.
Flyers: meh
Lightning: see Hurricanes
Capitals: too complex coloring.
Bruins: yes, its a bear..but neon-ish yellow? no thanks.
Canadiens: you ruined that whole franchise with that concept, good job.
Islanders: like..kinda..i dont know.
Rangers: go with the shield logo, then i like.
Sens: too complicated.

Best: Hurricanes, Lightning, Sabres, Coyotes, Ducks

Worst: Predators, Predators, Predators, Wild/Berserkers, Predators, Sharks, Predators, Cougars/Panthers, Predators, Boston, Predators, Canadiens, Predators.

Anonymous said...

Anaheim's redesign is the only decent jersey in the bunch. And what's with the reorganization of the teams? How can you not have the Pens and Flyers in the same division?

The worst of them - Blackhawks (no need to mess with that jersey at all), Flyers, Bruins, Leafs, Canadiens (atrocious design there), and that 'new' Minnesota team.

Let's go Wild! said...

I'm fairly certain you've offended 90% of Wild fans that visit this blog. The Berserkers? WTF is right... You could have at least used one of the concept ideas for the third uni and not completely annihilated any team identity we have all together.

Anonymous said...

interesting ideas, but while some of these ideas are fairly imaginative, I am amazed how unoriginal others are. I mean really just look at the Thrashers, it almost only one color on that thing.

Michael said...

I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. Actually, I may have gotten some on my shirt. Yep, there's definitely some on my keyboard too. Thanks, now I can call in and use a sick day from work.

Brian C said...

um...those white lines all over the jersey make them look even more horendous! except for the Sabres and Senators jerseys. those are the only good looking one.

Rome said...

I'm not going to bag on the ones that I don't like because 1) it's been done often enough already before my comment and 2) I don't have the stones, wherewithal, cojones, whatever to offer up my own design concepts for dissection and lambasting.

However, I do have to comment that the Boston redesign looks too much like the Bear Naked logo .

Anonymous said...

all of them are bad

Dominic said...

If Montreal Canadiens go with that concept of jersey and logo I'll jump from the Jacques-Cartier bridge!

resist the machine. said...

taking a look at these a second time, i realize how awful these concepts are.

does anyone notice how extremely inconsistent the size of the crest logos appear sweater to sweater?

boggles my mind, and just plain awful.

BK said...

Berserkers? What does this guy watch "clerks" religiously or something? Anyways, in all that garbage there is one detail I do like on the sharks jersey. It looks like there are some gill like stripes on the side panels which could be a pretty cool little detail.

Atownjacket said...

I really like the lighting jersey


The Kyle said...

Geez, you guys are harsh. The poor guy probably spent lots of time on this and you're just ripping it to shreds. I'm not gonna pretend like it's a masterpiece, but I like some of these jerseys. Like the Penguins, Sabres, I like the colour used for the Hurricanes but that's not the striping pattern they should use. There were more I liked but that's just off the top of my head.

Sean Hogan said...

I like the Caps jersey.

The Leafs' jersey looks a lot like the Blue Jays' Canada Day jerseys (http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Park/1138/photos/photo-rogerclemens.jpg)

Gideon said...

Vancouver - yay, the skate logo is back (sort of)! I might be the only one, but I like the mix between those different styles.

Obviously, that Sabres logo needs to come back.

And if it's up to me, leave the O6 logos alone.

Bryan said...

flames is fine, i hate that ducks one, buffalo and pittsburgh good and i know i like another few, dont remember which ones.

resist the machine. said...

i think atownjacket should stop self-promoting his rip-off website; but that's just me.

Anonymous said...


GFB should do this with his stuff

Dan Angell said...

I like the Sens, a return to the classic 2D logo. Beautiful.

Now, as for the divisions, really? New Jersey's going to get separated from the Rangers? Toronto's going to be separated from both Montreal and Ottawa? Pittsburgh won't be with Philly, who also isn't with the Rangers and Islanders? A lot of the designs are poor, but what the heck was the thought process on the divisions?

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