Sunday, June 1, 2008

Poll: Miller vs Luongo


Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment about how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Sun Jun 1
Poll closing date
Thu Jun 5


Damme said...

Luongo's mask has a great idea, but the mask is not that good.

Miller's mask has always reminded me about a african mask that they used to scare animals and people.

Voted for Miller

matt said...

Stupid people vote for Luongo,stop voting for him........grrrr....oppression

nogoodbye said...

Miller's mask is too busy. It really is hard to tell what it is at first. Luongo will probably win this tournament, but not for his mask.

Sabres Persuasion said...

I think what Damme is saying is that Miller wins by intimidation factor lol

Jason said...

Luongo, I guess. I don't think either are anything special nor bad, but I like the colours on Luongo's better.

ali said...

I hate Luongo but his mask is nice.
And I have no Idea what Miller's mask is, it looks like abstract art.
Can someone explain to me why they don't like Luongo's mask.

Anonymous said...

Luongo's mask has great colors, but that's about all I like about it. I find Miller's mask to be really unique and it's nice to look at. My vote goes to Miller.

ogre39666 said...

I don't know how people are missing the picture on Miller's. It's a Buffalo head done in a really stylistic/abstract way with sabres on the chin. It's a unique take on the animal head mask art.

Luongo's is nice but at this point, if your mask art has flaws like Johnny-Canuck holding the stick wrong or awkward looking feet, then you shouldn't win.

@ damme:
I agree about the African/tribal feel to Miller's .

Anonymous said...

I voted for him in this one, but seriously what is Ryan Miller's mask doing still in this tourney?

I wouldn't even rate it in the top 30...

Anonymous said...

What a surprise.

Luongo wins it all. I calls it.

C_v_J said...

....canucks fans voting en masse?

y'know, if we really all wanted to stop them, instead of complaining, everyone who doesn't like the way the vote has gone can consistently vote against him... even if you DO think his mask is better.

Zach said...

Let's go Louie !!!!!

Bach said...


carpandean said...

I don't know how Luongo's mask made it past the first round. It's got to be the overload of Canucks fans here. It's interesting, but not what I would call a good mask design. Maybe a t-shirt or third jersey.

I'm a Sabres fan, so I'd like to see Miller win this (though, I definitely don't think he should win overall), but he should be facing Toskala, not Luongo. That's a real mask.

As for Miller's mask, a couple of things:
1) It's easier to see what is from the front, when his head is slightly down.
2) It's a blue and gold version of a black and red mask that he had before the logo change. It matched the jersey logo on those uniforms very well and even looked better/clearer in those colors.
3) At least it doesn't have a slug!

ali said...

Bach and Carpandean, I dont know why u guys give cretit to Toskala's mask.
IT'S UNORIGINAL, he got it from a magazine.

I'm pretty sure Luongo's mask would have won even without all the vancouver fans.

Again, I am going to ask what is so special about Toskala's mask?

And why you don't recognize Luongo's mask as a great mask?

carpandean said...

Ali - to each their own, I guess. I know that the drawing on Luongo's mask has special meaning to the team, but it just looks like a cartoon. To me, it doesn't look like a goalie mask design at all. Again, it looks like a t-shirt or maybe third jersey design that is awkwardly placed on the mask.

Goalie masks should have some edge to them; some level of intimidation. Toskala's, Thomas' and, to a lesser extent, Miller's have this, while Luogo's does not. I didn't know that Toskala's was not an original design, so that does take a few points off, but I still think that it is a much better looking mask, hands down.

I can give props to a design like DiPietro's because it has such special meaning, and there are some very artistic designs that I can appreciate. However, I don't really see Luongo's as either of those. It's not a memorial design and it's not particularly artistic. We'll have to agree to disagree, because I will never think Luongo's is anything special.

I guess I have ask you back: why do you think Luongo's is so great?

canucklehead said...

For myself, carpandean, I like Luongo's mask because it's unique, was artistically well done, and has meaning behind it. The same reasons that you like DiPietro's mask, except I happen to think that DiPietro's is ugly. Different strokes for different folks.

Bach said...


Sure history plays a part in how good a mask looks but honestly, it doesn't play that much. If Toskala's mask had a forest of maple trees because of what he represents does that necessarily make it look good? Of course not. Just because there's some direct meaning to the team does not make the design better or more aesthetically pleasing. Luongo's mask looks childish, unappealing, and more fitting for peewee hockey. It has a freaking cartoon with Luongo looking through his crotch. Yeah, yeah Johnny Canuck this and Johnny Canuck that, but seriously, it looks dumb. As for bringing up originality into the argument, did Luongo make up Johnny Canuck? No. Therefore I can say that Luongo is unoriginal. Toskala's mask is intimidating, respectable, and to be frank, manlier. Aesthetically, it is visually appealing. However, I do think he should add blood to the teeth, but that's another issue altogether.

C_v_J said...

if your vote is for nostalgia and skyline/old logo fun, andrew raycroft had just such a mask. funny how fast he was out. [about as fast as he was out of the nets.]

marlene ross does alright mask designs, but this isn't my favourite of hers. that said, she viewed luongo as a "co-designer" of the mask.

[keep in mind she's the same woman that did joseph's mask, and giguere's, and fleury's...and every other luongo, like that horrid tan jobbie from last year]

i disagree with johnny not looking 'tough'...some of the better pics [search the google] make him look like one bad mofo.

i think the real issue here lies in the fact that to everyone that's NOT a canucks fan, johnny looks like an angry lumberjack.

[still a better logo than the corporate-shilled orca]

ali said...

Carpandean: I like it beacuse I think it is aethetically pleasing and it represents vancouver well.

And Bach: I am not saying that just because a mask relates to team, it is well done, I mean look at Pascal Leclaire's.It's just that luongo's relates to the team, and is very well done, in terms of what's on the mask and the colours.

How can Luongo make team history original. It's the teams history.
He didn't make it. As for Toskala, it's not team history and it's not made by him, IF there was someway he could have made team history.

111 said...

go luongo

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