Sunday, May 4, 2008

Confirmed Third Jerseys For '08

According to a Canadian retailer, 18 NHL clubs have confirmed third jerseys for the coming season. I will not divulge my source here because this is just for fun and no one needs to be losing their job over it. If you're skeptical, there's nothing wrong with that.

Anyhow, with the disclaimer out of the way, below are the teams with "confirmed" third jerseys for next season, in alphabetical order.

  • Atlanta Thrashers

  • Boston Bruins

  • Buffalo Sabres

  • Carolina Hurricanes

  • Chicago Blackhawks

  • Dallas Stars

  • Edmonton Oilers

  • Los Angeles Kings

  • Minnesota Wild

  • New York Islanders

  • Ottawa Senators

  • Philadelphia Flyers

  • Phoenix Coyotes

  • San Jose Sharks

  • St. Louis Blues

  • Tampa Bay Lightning

  • Toronto Maple Leafs

  • Vancouver Canucks

Obviously there are discrepancies here from earlier rumors involving the Pittsburgh Penguins. The last thing we heard, by way of the Tribune-Review, was that the club was seeking permission to get third jerseys featuring the powder blue design worn at the Winter Classic in January. Either they were denied by the league or the information I have here is incomplete.

Now, aside from the Pens, this list meshes perfectly with the big list I posted a month ago. I suggest reading that post for information regarding possible design rumors that have been floating around.

Rumors: The Big List | All third jersey news

If pictures become available prior to official unveilings, I'll be sure to have them posted for your perusal.


Brian C said...

thanks for the update, Chris! cant wait!

Charlie @ Sabres Not Slugs said...

Wow...if the NHL actually denied Pittsburgh the nice looking powder blues, they are simply fools. Not surprising I guess.

Anonymous said...

seriously though, the powder blue, as nice as it may be, is actually moronic for a team that has been trumpeting itself as golds and blacks. they need to make up their mind.

second, the idea of third jerseys is nice and all, but it's getting annoying seeing third jerseys that change every year.

next, i'm just glad to hear no one is trying to redo the Habs logo and jerseys. cause i can only imagine how ugly it could get.. hahaha

Sabres Persuasion said...

archmedia.. change every year? The reason they are all changing was due to the whole RBK Edge jersey proclamation around the NHL. The Bruins had the same third for years. The Oilers turned out nice thirds after a while. Toronto's been using the the same vintage third i don't know how long. The only reason they're all new is because the Edge discontinued thirds this year due to extrenuous amounts of jersey making for each team. Now Reebok thinks they can handle it.

Also, when a team goes vintage, it's not because they can't figure out what they want to be (i.e. Pens). Fans just appreciate the classics, with the exception of you, I suppose.

Nate said...

The Penguins original colors were powder blue and white with jerseys very similar to the winter classic jerseys. Actually when they changed to black and gold, the Bruins organization tried taking legal action arguing that the Pens were stealing their colors and the jerseys were too close to theirs. I, personally, would love to see the Pens rock the powder blues again.

Dominic said...

Penguins passed from blue to gold and black in 1980 in honour of Steelers and Pirates, both gold and black, who won NFL Super Bowl and MLB World Series in 1979.

Paul said...

I'm deeply disappointed the New York Rangers are not on this list of teams participating in the revived third jersey program, only this time of course it is in this new RBK Edge era. The Rangers had one of the very best alternate jerseys in the entire league (only that ugly shoulder logo was what doesn't make it completely ideal, in my judgment), especially with that popular Lady Liberty logo.

RBK Edge botched the positioning of the "RANGERS" across the primary jerseys (off centered) because of the seams of their fabric paneling, but having a new alternate jersey would not have this problem with the alternate crest logo... whatever. The Rangers better do it for the 2009-2010 season if it's not to be next season.

The Wild better not have that "MINNESOTA" across the crest. Yuck! I am curious to see what the Phoenix Coyotes do with an alternate. Hopefully it will be nice (no state cutout or wordmark, please!).

Very curious to see what Buffalo's will look like... Modernized detailing to update their classic retro jersey would be great.