Monday, March 3, 2008

Rumors On Alternates

I've gotten several emails about a message board post propagating rumors about the new crop of third jerseys to be introduced for the 2008-09 season. With few reports being confirmed by the actual teams, I thought these might at least be interesting enough to discuss here. They may even produce some new ideas for concept art.

Atlanta Thrashers
Word is the new sweaters will incorporate more maroon like the original dark jerseys. I don't know if this means the sweater itself will be maroon or rather navy more along the lines of that original jersey.

Boston Bruins
We've actually seen the black jerseys already which will feature the BRUINS version of the secondary logo found on the shoulders of the current jerseys. The jersey features the primary logo on the shoulders. Of the two "finalists" we saw, one includes a gold stripe around the bottom while the other does not.

Buffalo Sabres
This isn't really news, but the Sabres will supposedly return to the blue vintage sweaters like the ones they wore last year. We've heard that there's the possibility of some slight alterations, but I wouldn't expect much.

Carolina Hurricanes
Rumor has it the new 'Canes third will be black with the secondary logo on the front. You know the one with the tropical storm flag blowing in the wind. Sounds pretty good. I'd like to see a mock up. One would also expect to see the primary logo on the shoulders.

Chicago Blackhawks
Supposedly, the 'Hawks will resurrect the black sweater they've been wearing as a third jersey for years. No surprises here but I can't say I wouldn't be disappointed if they didn't attempt to make a few tweaks to it.

Dallas Stars
Interestingly, rumor suggests that the new Stars alternate will be a white version of the current black one. You know, with DALLAS written across the front. I'm a fan of one jersey like that. But let's not start in with turning the NHL into the NBA.

Edmonton Oilers
We're being told it's a vintage design with laces at the collar. That sounds absolutely amazing, especially when compared with the travesty visited upon the Oil this season. But this could just be wishful thinking.

Los Angeles Kings
We're speculating that the Kings will return to the purple sweater from last season with the coat of arms logo. Of course the author of the rumors being discussed here suggested the jersey may be black. We'll have to see, but my money's on purple.

Minnesota Wild
You'd think they can't go wrong with a green sweater, but then word is it will have MINNESOTA plastered across the front a la the New York Rangers or Colorado Avalanche. That may not sound impressive, but the Wild have a history of creating vintage-looking thirds that are really killer. I'll hold my judgment until I see it.

New York Islanders
Evidently we should expect a vintage design. Something I'm surprised they didn't go with when unveiling their new Rbk EDGE sweaters over the summer. I'm not really disappointed the orange won't be making a comeback.

Ottawa Senators
I hope this rumor isn't true. Apparently they're going with a gold sweater — you read that right — with SENS written across the front. I don't know if this is more in the vein of the Stars or Rangers. Time will tell. But just let it not be gold. I wouldn't even wish that on the Stars.

Philadelphia Flyers
The team has already told us to expect an orange sweater. What they didn't mention is whether it will be an altered version of the current design or a vintage throwback. Rumor suggests the latter.

Phoenix Coyotes
Opting for a new alternate logo, it sounds like they may be going with a full-body coyote on the front of a black sweater. I think a black jersey will go well with the brick/sand color combination. This one I'm looking forward to seeing.

Pittsburgh Penguins
The team has all but confirmed already that they'll go with the same design they wore for the Winter Classic two months ago. You can't really go wrong with that one. Vintage quality at its finest.

San Jose Sharks
We're likely looking at a black version of the current uniforms. I know a lot of folks dislike the orange. I personally don't mind it. However, how cool would it be if they went with a black/grey/white jersey with some teal piping/lining? And I'll go ahead and put my vote in for the full-body shark like you see on the shoulders of the current sweaters.

St. Louis Blues
We know all about St. Louis already from the team higher-ups. They're talking about a navy sweater with a brand new logo featuring the Gateway Arch. In fact, I have some great concepts to share later with this logo alteration in mind.

Tampa Bay Lightning
The rumors I'm reading scare me because, as a Lightning fan, I'd hate to see this happen. Supposedly the new third will be navy (so far so good) with BOLTS written across the front (there's where you lose me). Sounds an awful like what's going on with the Senators. Read above.

Toronto Maple Leafs
Likely a white vintage design will make its way onto the backs of Leaf players. Probably with the old leaf logo as well. This wouldn't surprise me and sure wouldn't disappoint. Looking forward to it, as a matter of fact.

Vancouver Canucks
It's rumored that a vintage design — I'm guessing blue — is in the works. I like the stick-in-the-rink jerseys as much as anybody, but I would not be surprised to see a completely new design with the newly introduced Johnny Canuck logo. It's a chance that's too good to pass up for a team in the midst of a serious identity crisis.

By the way, that leaves 11 teams without third jersey rumors here. In case you're wondering, those teams not accounted for are the Devils, Rangers, Canadiens, Panthers, Capitals, Blue Jackets, Red Wings, Predators, Flames, Avalanche, and Ducks (who frankly, could really use one).

That's all I've got for you tonight. I've got concept art based on the rumors for the Wild, Blues, Flyers and others, but I'll save that for later on. I'll try to get it posted this week while I'm on my trip.

In the meantime, allow your imaginations to run wild and, you know, feel free to play around in Photoshop and send me whatever you come up with. I can post it here and who knows, maybe you'll even guess correct.


Anonymous said...

I would Expect the habs to have multiple Vintage [s]jerseys[/s] uniform systems next year, because it is the start of their centennial celebration, expect the old "C" logo and the globe, the CA logo and others to make appearances.

sam said...

I think it would be interesting to see the Sens in gold but it could be very scary.

sam said...

By the way, isn't the tournament over? The Ducks are the worst? I don't mind that disney logo plus it wasn't really a logo and you can't blame the bruins because that was a very long time ago that logo was released.

awildermode said...

Apparently, the NHL sent a memo to all the teams regarding third jerseys for 2008-2009:

Dear Team

In regards to third jerseys for next season, your design should include the following:

1) Black. If your team colour does not have black, use it anyway. If your dark uniforms are already black, why not have a second black jersey? We also recommend minimal striping, as it may interfere with the black.

2) The front of the jersey shall have no logo, just a word. We suggest team city, team name, or team nickname. We will also accept team mascot name.

3) If team insists on logo for the front, primary logo is to be used as shoulder logos. Secondary logo may be used on the front.

4) Numbers of player shall be placed somewhere on the front of the jersey, along with the back, both uppper arms, and back of helmet. Numbers can also be placed on the thigh of pants and socks.

5) Captain 'C' and alternate 'A' can be placed anywhere but the upper left chest.

These guidelines should be followed in order to maintain a strong fan base and generate revenue, because we know what a good jersey looks like

Thank you.


Andre said...

I really hope my Canucks go with the Johnny Canuck V logo. Doesn't matter if the sweater is green or blue. The orca, mercifully, is on its way out. As for the Sens going with gold, that wouldn't be a good idea. I love yellow uniforms, but the Sens metallic gold is only good as a trimming, not as a base colour. I'd rather see the Sens wear their 2D logo on black. Speaking of black, I also think the LA Kings should at least wear their vintage road purple and gold as a third. Those were beautiful uniforms and they truly say California and royalty. Black looks nice on Ottawa and Chicago, but after that, there is way too much black. How can the NHL sell hockey on US network television with too many of its teams wearing black?

Daniel said...

Come on guys, let's not get carried away about the black jerseys. First of all, rumors are just that - rumors. Let's wait and see what actually happens before we start panicking.

Secondly, out of the 62 different jerseys worn by NHL teams this season, exactly 7 of them were black (the home jerseys for Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Boston, Tampa Bay, Dallas, Anaheim, & Los Angeles). So I really don't think there's any sort of black conspiracy going on.

To carry the argument further, there have been 12 blue jerseys worn this year (Islanders, Rangers, Pittsburgh vintage, Buffalo, Toronto, Atlanta, Florida, Columbus, St. Louis, Nashville, Edmonton, & Vancouver). So maybe there's actually a blue conspiracy?

Sephiroth said...

Here's my opinions:

1: Oilers should have that impressive great looking jersey Chris just revealed. I love the style of the shoulder pattern. No other team have that, and it's sharp sharp sharp.

2: Ducks should go with a new color sheme, but it's maybe not possible with the terms of agreement with the league. But we all know that great concept in green shared some months ago. Actually the colors of a duck.

3: Not too sure about that new Johny Canucks logo. Seems a little bit like the logo of a famous cake maker here called Vachon. In fact, It"s the same V but instead of the JC head, it's the head of a cook.

4: Nobody cares about a new St-Louis jersey.

5: Teams should be very carefull with these thirds jersey's, because it's the best way to change a bad jersey already existant (Oilers). So they better not mess it up like the first batch.

6: Only Washington managed to grab my cash this season. Not normal considering that i'm rich and the fact that all teams offered new desings of sort. So I hope to lose all my money next year.

Andre said...

Hi Sephiroth. As a Canucks fan, I know about the comparison between the Johnnny Canuck V and the Vachon cakes logo. At first, I felt the same as you. However, I decided to print the JC-V logo and take it to the supermarket just to see the similiarities and the differences. From far away, they both look similiar, but take a closer look. First, it's NOT the same V. The bottom of the JC-V is flat to match the top ends of the V while the bottom of the Vachon V is rounded. Second, the baker's head is on the top left side of the V, with his right arm forming the inside of the letter. JC's head is bigger and is on the top centre of the V with no arm present. I wouldn't be surprised if the Canucks got the Vachon idea but made sure to make their JC-V logo a lot more of their own than a cheap ripoff of Vachon. The last thing Canuck ownership needs is another lawsuit against them. Let's remember something. Like Chris says and I've said this numerous times, the Canucks are in desperate need of a true identity. The V is a borderline design of the Stick 'n Rink and the old Vancouver Millionaries logos. To have the head of Johnny Canuck on the top centre of the V gives the Canucks that simple and true identity. V for Vancouver and JC for the history of the Canucks name.

Daniel said...

Obviously the Canucks have had a hard time forging a visual identity because they've changed their uniforms so drastically and so frequently. But once they win the Cup, that will all be forgotten because the uniform they win the Cup in will become their identity forever (assuming they don't make any more drastic changes).

Andre said...

Daniel, the reason why the Canucks kept changing their identity as often as they have was because they have never planned ahead long-term. In fact, as a Canucks fan, I hope the Canucks don't win the Cup until the Orca is gone for good. As much as I love the original Stick 'n Rink logo, the Johnny Canuck V is what the club should have had from Day One. What if the Canucks had beaten the Islanders in '82? Would the Flying V be their true identity? It's a blessing they didn't win. I believe in what's meant to be will be and I firmly believe the Canucks are meant to win a Cup with the Johnny Canuck V. The Orca will be gone within two to three years.

Daniel said...

Well, sometimes having a hideous uniform as your identity can be a good thing. It's something the fans rally around. I've lived in two different cities (Denver & Knoxville) where there's a hugely popular football team whose identity was largely based on some nauseatingly orange uniform. If the Canucks had won in '82, those yellow monstrosities probably would have become their identity. But if I was a Canucks fan, I would embrace it. In any case, I agree with you that the orca needs to go. I've never liked any of the Canucks logos, but that one might be the worst of 'em all.

Sephiroth said...

Excellent text Andre, well written and great work.

If only my english was better, I would post a lot here. Some folks are dedicated experts.

Matthew said...

I'm going to facepalm massively if the Sens don't make use of that new 'merchandise' profile logo. These 3/4 faces look terrible.

Matthew said...

Also, great work, Canucks. You finally find a logo that actually provides something even remotely resembling a local identity, and you're going to flush it down the toilet for something that could be on the chest of any peewee team in North America, *AGAIN*. The people in charge of your visual identity crash and burn almost as badly as your nonexistent offense.

Ed H said...

Anybody else sick of black jerseys? Soon every team will have one and when you turn on a game you will not be able to tell who is playing. Personally I think the Senators, Flyers, and Blackhawks black jerseys are ugly.
I like the idea of the Arch logo for the Blues, I just wish they would make a yellow third jersey, retro styled with lighter blue shoulders.