Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Poll: Canucks vs Whalers


REMEMBER: You're choosing the WORST logo!

Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment as to how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Wed Feb 13
Poll closing date
Sun Feb 17


Anonymous said...

Compared to that hideous "V" the whale is just so darn cute.

Brian C said...


Arenacale said...

Fudgie the Whale would look more intimidating than Pucky. It's drawn better, too. At least the V's look mean, and I think as a crest rather than a full jersey would look good.

Darryl said...

i want a plushy of that whale...vancouvers ugly ass 'v' ftw

Michael said...

A plush toy Pucky the Whale would help me go to sleep at night...The Flying V would make me an insomniac!

J said...

i will never vote for pucky...never!

DaneykoIsGod said...

Tough one. A big ugly V or a cute animal that it hunted and killed by the team's namesake. I'm going with the V because of how horrific it looked on the jerseys. I know it's not so much a logo as much as it is a jersey pattern, but still, it's hideous.

Besides, the Canucks have perhaps the ugliest collection of logos in league history, and this has got to be the worst. It just HAS to survive another round.

djl said...

I kinda dig Pucky. Beats the crap out of Stinger the Bee or Spartacat.

Nathan said...

I think that the V is uglier, but I refuse to vote for it because it is NOT A LOGO!!!! I think it would be a travesty if the winner of the worst logo contest was not even a logo.

DaneykoIsGod said...

The time to debate what is or isn't a logo has passed. If anyone had THAT big of a beef, it should have been raised BEFORE the tournament was set. Like it or not, the big ugly V is in and so is Dark Wing Duck. Vote based on what's worse, not based on what fits personal definitions of "logo."

Jason said...

Pucky has met his (her?) match.

Sephiroth said...

Yes the V is ugly, but still don't stand a chance against the Tiger head, witch is an abomination to say the least.

Pucky will leave that tourney.

sam said...

Can somebody tell em what round this is...i cant tell from the bracket. I voted for the big V cuz i not even a logo.

anonymous said...

I voted for Pucky cause its "cute". Hockey logos shouldn't be cute.

Nathan said...

Hey DaneykoIsGod,

I can debate what is or isn't a logo any time I want. I DO have that big a beef and I DID raise it BEFORE the tournament was set.

And yes, whether I like it or not it is in the tournament. However, I can choose to vote any way I like and I choose to vote for the logo and not the jersey pattern.

I still think it would be completely lame for the winner of the tournament to not be a logo, but even if it wins, I like this site and I will continue to take part in the contests.

I don't need anybody else to tell me how to vote thanks.