Thursday, February 14, 2008

Logo Adjustments For 'Hawks

Got a quick concept post for tonight. No new polls until Sunday when the fourth round of the Quest for the Worst begins.

You already know that I'm not a fan of what many would consider to be one of the best logos in all of sports, so I won't get into that. But I do have proof that I'm not the only one who feels that way about the Chicago Blackhawks. A couple of people made some interesting "adjustments" to the logo and uniform.

We'll start with the uniform.

And while I do recognize this particular design might be more worthy of the Freak Out Friday post, I'm putting it here. I personally wouldn't consider it an improvement, but you be the judge.

These next two logos keep mostly in the spirit of the current logo.

I'm more partial to the design on the right. It's always interesting to me to see what you guys come up with.

By the way, I'm moving this weekend so don't be too surprised if there's little to nothing posted over the next several days. I will, however, try to get a Freak Out posted at some point tomorrow.


Erik said...

i have no problem with the Blackhawks logo, but the uniform could use a little updating, or at least its not the "perfect" uniform that most people consider it to be

that new proposed uniform though looks like some weird florida panthers nightmare, definitely freak out friday material

ParallaxG said...

That 3D logo looks like he ate a bad lemon.

anonymous said...

I hope that first one is supposed to be a joke or something

wade little said...

It's like a mix between Pocahontas and Betty Boop... I hate it.

The third jersey should be the old barber pole jerseys they brought back in 92 to commemorate the original 6. In fact, lets bring back all those jerseys that the Rangers, Bruins, Wings, Leafs and Canadiens wore.
(can't find the leafs image)

awildermode said...

3d hawks logo is just not working, much like the new sens logo

Emo said...

I don't like the Blackhawks' logo much either. Is there some significance to the squiggly lines inside the headdress?