Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fan Art For The North

Yesterday our theme was California. Today we're moving directly north. (I haven't had a Canucks post recently enough.) Actually, I'm getting excited since my trip to Vancouver is now just four weeks away. I really can't wait. I've got my hockey tickets and even a Canucks t-shirt. And that's hard for me, as a lifelong Lightning fan. But I'll cope. It's hockey, isn't it?

Speaking of which, let's dive in. Simply put, it's a Canucks concept based on the new dark Dallas Stars sweaters. Though I'm not wild about the idea of a logo on the front shoulder.

This one takes its cue from the Montreal Canadiens. Not feeling it either.

Here's one I do like: the green pants.

Also I kind of like the brighter blue for the Oilers while we're at it. Nice little time travel there.

But if you really want to mess with the whole time-space continuum thing, why not just mix a bunch of stuff together? Let's say we recolor the '80s logo and throw it on the new jerseys.

I gotta say, it could be a lot worse.

Not a fan of the forest green, however.

Even on a white Capitals jersey. But if you really want to go nuts with the colors, how about this?

Your choice is apparently Kings colors or Avs colors. Or we could just go back to those good ol' '80s colors.

And that should just about complete the spectrum of visible color, wouldn't you say? Talk about a team with an identity crisis.

By the way, for any Vancouverites out there (is that what you call yourselves?), give me some ideas on what I should do while I'm in town. I've got a week and there's really a lot to do according to all my travel books. See you in March!


seejay14 said...

Thanx for a good concept post for the Canucks. I really like the idea of using the skate logo with the blue and green, the other colors dont work well, except the last one with red, yellow and black.

Also, If Your in Vancouver, take a tour of GM Place. Its $10 and if you get lucky you may have no other people on the tour with you. Wednesdays, Fridays, 10:30, 12, and 1:30. Gate 6 at Authentix.

Ken said...

I prefer to think of the Canucks as 'diverse' in their colour schemes. Yeah, that's the ticket...

When in Vancouver, be sure to visit the corner of Main and Hastings Street. Amazing scenery and friendly folks! Bring a tazer!

Andre said...

I always liked the Skate logo and it looks good in blue and green. However, I would like to see more concepts with the Johnny Canuck V logo. It's already trademarked by the Canucks. :)

Heats said...

You gotta check out Stanley Park & the seawall, Gastown, Commercial Drive, and the Vancouver Aquarium.

canucklehead said...

Don't listen to ken, Chris. DO NOT GO TO MAIN AND HASTINGS!

Emo said...

love, love, love the flying skate with the green/blue/white colour combo. not so keen on the Dallas-inspired ones.

Anonymous said...

Evil Patrick says: When coming to Vancouver, make sure to bring a warm jacket (but not overly warm) and an umbrella, you will not be able to live without them.

Explore ALL of Vancouver, not just what the guide books tell you (ie tourist spots).

COMMERCIAL DRIVE- laid back hippy-friend-ville.
Go have a great vegetarian dinner at Yogi's. Elizabeth's Bakery makes veggie rolls and samosas that are to die for. You must check out the Vancouver Poetry Slam that happens every 1st, 3rd, and potentially 5th Monday of the month at Cafe' Deux Soleils @ 5th & Commercial. Get a coffee or wicked hot chocolate at Bump & Grind @ Vennables & Commercial, and just walk the Drive and check out all of the great local shops (no corporations allowed).

Make sure to get a slice of cheese and Alfredo sauce pizza from Fresh Slice @ Seymour & Pender St. Go watch the hockey game at The Beaver pub in the Samesun backpack lodge on Nelson & Granville.

Go to the Granville Islands Brewing Company and for 10 bucks you can tour the place and taste all of the beer you can handle. Go watch some improve and theatre sports in the local theatres. Chill out beside the Cat's Meow restaurant and feed the funky ducks.

But if you really want to experience what Vancouver really has to offer, get a hold of a local (a cool one) and get them to squire you about town.

Cheers eh.
Evil Patrick

Jason said...

Thanks to whoever did the Canucks vs. Oilers picture for giving us a full set of stripes. You could have held the piping, though.

The skate in the current colours is a neat idea. I'm not sure if it's good, but it's not horrible. Beats the orange/white/black version, at least.

Anonymous said...

When you come to Vancouver there is a lot you need to see. Stanley Park and the seawall are amazing. The Vancouver Aquarium is cool. The dolphin and beluga shows are really cool... especially the dolphin show. Of course you need to tour GM Place. Too much for me to keep going, and thx for the post dedicated to Canucks concepts!

Eric said...

In Vancouver...

Head up Grouse Mountain via the gondola for a great view (so long as the clouds haven't socked us in) or, if you're feeling fit, hike it!

On the other end of things, consider heading to Richmond's giant east-asian shopping centres. And walk around Vancouver's downtown, from the English Bay and Cole Harbour waterfronts to the brick buildings and beautiful streets of the westend, around or through Stanley Park, and up Davies street. Take the water taxi to Granville Island, poke your head into our biggest art & design school there, and explore the market. There's the big Vancouver Art Gallery, but while you're in gastown look up the many smaller artist run centres.

And marvel at how our public buses, months before the playoffs, are already scrolling "Go Canucks Go!" on their front light displays ;-)

anonymous said...

you should go across the capilano suspension bridge in north vancouver

Andre said...


To stay on the hockey side of things during your stay in Vancouver, go to this sports store. It is on Hornby Street, between Robson and Smithe Streets. The store is called Town City Enterprises. I saw a toy hockey stick with the Orca AND the Johnny Canuck V. The item is NHL licenced approved. You will see how much better this Johnny Canuck V is than the Orca. Take care and enjoy our beautiful city. Yes, we are called Vancouverites. Be sure to go to a Vancouver Giants game at the Pacific Coliseum, the Canucks' former home. Address: 100 North Renfrew Street.