Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blues Third Jersey Coming This Fall

Good news for Blues fans hoping for a third jersey next season. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Bernie Miklasz wrote today that team has apparently confirmed it.

Blues Chairman Dave Checketts, honored at the Sold on St. Louis awards luncheon on Wednesday, announced that the Blues will introduce a navy-based third jersey next fall featuring a new logo incorporating the Blue Note and the Gateway Arch on the front.

So as soon as the design is available, which likely won't be until late this summer, I'll post photos.

This news had me thinking. We've heard a number of teams including the Flyers and Oilers reference possible third jerseys for next season. I'd like to keep a running list here on the blog of teams that have announced a new third jersey for 2008-09.

To make things easier on me, I'd like to get you guys involved if you're interested. Email me or write a comment on this post any time you see a reference to a potential new third jersey for next year. Cite a credible source too. I can't accept "my best friend's uncle's mother's cousin works in a pro shop and told me so" as a source.

This list now exists as a sidebar element. Enjoy!

UPDATE (2/17 5:20 AM): Just wanted to add that back in December, I posted concept art for the Blues in the form of a third jersey that incorporated the Blue Note and Gateway Arch on a navy sweater. You can find it at the bottom of this post if you're interested.


Joseph Laneve said...
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Doc Steel said...

This story is from a Pittsburgh newspaper, the Tribune-Review. This was written prior to the Winter Classic. It states:

"The Penguins are expected to make a formal request with the league to wear a third jersey next season. Team officials are so pleased with the look of the retro-themed uniforms the club will wear in the AMP Energy NHL Winter Classic on New Year's Day that the Penguins will seek permission to make that design their alternate look."

Brian C said...

It would be awesome if the sabres did a third jersey with Slabyk's design

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Habs bring back the white alternate that fans love, and I hope to see a black Sens jerdey as well, maybe even a black devils jersey?

separrett2 said...

I am excited about the idea for the third jersey. Hopefully they don't go too crazy with the concept. I know you have used the pic of the regrettable trumpet and music note clown suit that Iron Mike Keenan shot down in the mid 90's. Arguably his best decision while here in St. Louis. I really like the idea of incorporating the arch and the logo. Hopefully it will be a lot like the patch that was used for the 1988 All Star Game.

The Kyle said...

Have the Blues every had a 3rd jersey? It'd be cool to see them in navy blue. I know 3rd are basically marketing ploys but I like seeing them on the ice. It just looks pretty cool.

Nate said...

Larry Quinn was on a local radio station in buffalo (WGR) this summer and he mentioned that they were working on a third jersey for next season. no mention on what it would look like rummors are sligtly changed original jersey and they would go with the navy blue look.

Jacob said...

I'm not surprised, but I'm worried. I think the biggest problem with the Edge jerseys is too many of them look too similar. You just can't create 30 distinct identities with 6 or 8 templates, and if a bunch of teams cash in with 3rd jerseys next year, the lack of unique designs will become even more glaring.

Unless Reebok can cook up some new templates, or make them more flexible. But if this is the case, it would be nice to see certain teams fix ugly home and away jerseys next year, rather than just add a third. It seems this won't be an option. (End of article. Anyone know why?)

Drew Celestino said...

I have a solution - sack Reebok. Fast.

Sadly, this likely won't happen.

awildermode said...

i suggest the NHL and RBK take a look at some of the Freak Out Friday concepts people have been sending here. At least have a different set of eyes look at their concepts before cutting any fabric.

Jason said...

This is from today's post at
Hockey note from Moe Khan, who writes: "I just received word from my guy who is affiliated with Reebok that the NHL will re-introduce the third jersey next year. In fact, up to 18 teams will have a third jersey."

Snarf said...

The Sabres will have a third jersey next year as nate said. And Larry Quinn has said it will be the original blue jersey but a navy blue instead of a royal blue. The Sabres wanted to bring it out this year but the NHL dropped the third jersys. The Sabres have been selling things with the orginal logo with the navy blue for two years now.

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