Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mailbag: Cats, Devils, Blues Concept Art

I have a bunch of concept designs to share with you all today. We'll start with the Florida Panthers.

This concept keeps the same uniform design while simplifying the primary logo to feature only the panther's head. I'm not a fan of the rounded elements, though. I think the sharp edges offered a fierceness that this logo lacks.

I was also emailed a couple of New Jersey Devils designs.

These concepts borrow from the AHL's Lowell Devils logo, relegating the current primary to the shoulder. Personally, I couldn't see the Devils converting to a minor league logo. That would just be strange.

And finally, someone emailed me some St. Louis Blues art. I've always wanted to see the Liberty Bell in a secondary logo for the Philadelphia Flyers. Along the same lines, I've also been curious to see the Gateway Arch as a secondary for the Blues. But not quite like this.

This design was suggested as a possible future third jersey. It needs a little yellow and some work on the logo, but it certainly has potential. Thoughts?


phxcoyotes26 said...

I usually don't think it is good when teams use only part of an already existing logo, for example when the coyotes used that third jersey with the coyote's head and not the rest of the body. That one I actually liked though, unlike this panthers one.

Paolo said...

Good call on removing the rest of the panther body. I know what they are trying to do, but it ends up looking like a cat with a huge head and a scrawny body.

One thing I might suggest is adding "FLORIDA" above the panther head and making the logo a little smaller. While I don't like it on the Vancouver jerseys, I think it could work here.

mikeb said...

thanks for the feedback, i added the florida above the logo and sent it in, it worked pretty well. I dont know if it will be posted but i think it was a good suggestion

Fazool said...

I'm digging the Devils logo.
Lowell atually borrowed the logo from the Devils though.
They used that logo in their Devil's Den merchandise catalog a few years ago. I have a hat with that same logo.